Friday, October 9, 2015

Petitions and More, October 9 US-info. Help Domestic Violence Victims Get Their Pets to Safety, Too Next letter/s to send, Dog and Cat meat consumption, South Korea! More attention please, Encourage the World Bank to update its Animal Welfare Policies! Needs more attention, US-info. Stop harmful legislation that protects the interests of hunters at the expense of animals and the environment!
More sign. please!
European Parliament, tell Portugal to sterilize, not slaughter our Dogs! More sign. please, Call for the European Union to withdraw aid for Bullfighting in Spain!;jsessionid=FD50F236D143AD92DC9C1F877AADE5D7.app295b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=817 Ensure a safe ride home and retirement for our K-9 Battle Buddies, military working dogs! The Netherlands, Brazil: Stop the Embryonic Mega Factory for Super Cows! Stop Live export! European leaders, stop hiding behind the economy, the stability of the market and the business benefits and begin to defend the welfare of Animals in Europe! More sign. needed. Switzerland, prevent the free trade in Palm oil! U.S. Department of Agriculture, do not subsidize a massive incinerator that would burn more than 700,000 tons of trash per year and pollute CaƱo Tiburones -- Puerto Rico's largest wetland and a biodiversity hotspot!
Crater Lake and the surrounding wildlands need protection today US-info. Stop Hilcorp Alaska from drilling in the Arctic More sign. please, Bali, give an official statement simultaneously through your officials and mass media to the public about the enforcement of the Criminal Code of Violence Against Animals and take firm action! English text included
Zierbena Town Council, Bizkaia, statement for the controlled colony of Cats living in the port of Zierbena and protection from those who intend to mistreat them! Georgia, Municipal District Zvare, investigate, severely punish,  and extradict the Chinese killing, eating Dogs! Stop FWS From Walking Away From Red Wolves! Help Prevent the Extinction of Mexican Gray Wolves! The youngest victims of distant animal transports! More sign. please. Stop the massacre of Dogs on Bali! BGI: Stop Gene Editing Pigs Like Fashion Accessories Save the Honduran Emerald Hummingbird's Habitat! Kick Big Polluters Out of Climate Policy Fight Deforestation and Prevent Climate Change Ace Hardware, a large distributor of neonicotinoids, stop carrying products that are killing our bees and other pollinators!
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