Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Petitions and More, October 21 URGENT: Request MEPs to vote for an END to EU subsidies for bullfighting! Deadline Oct. 28!
More attention please More attention please: Help us end Bullfighting in Mallorca! Stop the Kangaroo massacre. If not signed yet Update. There should be no plea with this woman! She is vile and heartless and the 7 years penalty should be added to the other sentence! She should not receive credit for the time she already served! Continue to sign and tell the judge to cancel the deal and have her fully prosecuted! Stop the killing of dogs in Galicia! After signing, click on ‘inicio’/home, to scroll down for more petitions Russia. Save the lives of these animals, fire the Solikamka -shelter director Vorozhtsov, who dismissed the most valuable employees Russia. Investigate this case from Novorossiysk, June 28, 2015 on settlement Tsemdolina where the driver of a car license plate For Honda 006 XX 93 RUS, dragged a dog behind it Russia. Please reconsider and create the federal law on the protection of animals from abuse and a law on compulsory sterilization /neutering of pets Brazil. Municipality of Lorena. Say NO to rodeos in Lorena, it is common knowledge that for the bulls to jump, cutting and piercing instruments are being used!
Rio de Janeiro. Create veterinary public hospitals! Ukraine. The city of Simferopol needs a shelter (to care) for homeless animals Japan. English text incl. Use (empty) Prisons and Develop the Devices for Quick Search to Stop Killing Sheltered Animals Venezuela. Control the sale of animals in MercadoLibre  Demand cruelty charges laid against this Collingwood OPP officer witnessed running over a coyote 3 times, before shooting to kill! Update Animal Welfare Policies To Protect Animals in the Farm Industry Support and Pass Bill H.R.2494 to Stop Animal Trafficking Provide Support & Financial Aid to Friendicoes Animal Shelter Full investigation into the murder of the boar family in Böttstein, Aargau Stop Oil Development in Coastal Habitat
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