Monday, October 5, 2015

Petitions and More, October 5 Boycott Cambridge to end Animal experiments! Tweetstorm, Wedn Oct. 7th Urgent Priority to Retire NM Chimpanzees Held at Texas Biomed Panama,  Protect the pygmy sloth, there are only 60 left Argentina, Municipality of Gral. San Martin, yield us a physical space to build our own shelter Spain, a Television Program Against Animal Abuse (is needed). After signing, click on home/inicio and scroll down for other petitions Stop Yulin, more attention please She defended herself from the violent assault by the dog butcher’s brother at the Universe Dog Farm in Incheon, South Korea! Russia, bring to justice the planners and perpetrators of the massacre of Cats on the territory of the sanatorium SELA "Kopanskoe" August 15, 2015!  More sign. please!  Remove the Hunting Act in particular VI. Section § 23 / § 29 Content of hunting protection! Stop the legal killing of our pets by hunters! Uruguay, NO to the request to transfer MGAP to CONAHOBA, as it is opposed to animal protection and inclusion of protection in that committee; ensure their rights, and castrations have to be mandatory! Spain, San Fernando, close the GESSER Dog pound and start a canine center for abandoned Dogs under caring conditions, for adoption, with qualified personnel, who likes animals! Russia, Crimea, Stop death by starvation of these animals and conduct checks on Elena Peptits/Elena Shirochkinathe concerning abuse, improper maintenance and breeding of sick, exotic animals like the ferret Brazil,  City of Marica, State of Rio de Janeiro, NO to ‘cowboy' Rodeo's, stop these exploitative practices and mistreatment of cattle and horses! Mayor of Sarnia & City Officials, Please provide funding to TNR experts, Cat Chance, to plan & execute cleaning up the streets of Sarnia, whose feline strays, feral & colony population is already out of control, with too much suffering & reproduction I demand the British Government regulate vet's and their greed which are making hard strapped people here have to give up their animals Get Pig Waste and Other Sex-Changing Pollutants out of NC's Pee Dee River
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