Saturday, November 29, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 29 Stop Maternal Deprivation Experiments! More signatures please!  Scroll down for more important actions!  Other alerts, if not sent yet Such abuse and torture of Horses violate the general provisions of the Animal Protection Act! Best Buy: Don't Use Ancient Forests for Throwaway Ads! Cordoba, Spain: do not allow the National 'Festival' of Greyhounds in Laboulaye, scheduled for December 14! (drugged dogs) Brasil, Avon: Eliminate animal testing! Colombia: SOHO Magazine, apologize and remove the article where ZOOPHILIA is promoted!
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 28 Animals should not be treated like rubbish! Changes to the law! UK-ZIP ( London E17 5AR , E9 7EF , E8 2HP , E8 2JQ,  SE5 9QB won’t do..) Milan, Italy: Justice for this 'adopted' puppy, thrown of a balcony! The Great Bear Rainforest Agreements. Int. Protect British Columbia’s Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Forestry Jobs  No import of illegal wood into Europe! To sign: at your right (again) Romania, Bucharest: emergency inquiry needed into the activities of ASPA in collaboration with mayor Oprescu! This year, law enforcement rules, allowing companies to capture and kill dogs, were suspended. ASPA continues, with even more secret contracts!  City of Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico: we ask for the development of Animal Protection Regulations! Spain: Pontevedra City Council maintains an economic agreement to use the Bullring despite withdrawing other aid for Bullfighting in 1999!
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The most talked about issue this week: delivering petition-signatures to the targets!  GoPetition does not deliver petitions. Each author is responsible for their respective campaigns Target. You should send them your final signature list


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 27  Submit your comment, copy/paste/adapt etc. Int. action  More signatures please, 300,000 needed  To sign, you have to scroll down all the way, thanks Justice for Baby Boy: Nigel Cameron just sent off the email with all signatures himself!  For Arturo, new goal  Best Buy, using huge amounts of paper from the Boreal Forest for flyers! Spain, Gov. of Gijón: rescue the locked up female dog in La Camocha now!  Catalunya, Spain: the citizens do not want the killing of abandoned animals, instead, provide them with a comfortable habitat! Mexico: immediately provide adequate care or relocate the animals of the Municipal Park Miguel Hidalgo! Send an SOS to Save Our Sanctuaries! Needs many more signatures! Save Native Wildlife from Bushfires! As well!
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                           ========  News, updates   ===========  Pen Farthing, who founded a nonprofit that reunites soldiers at home with stray dogs and cats they took in during combat, has been named the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year! Romania,  Action Group Bucharest: activists who pursue the illegal nightly convoys of ASPA's Dog catchers and the local police, to prevent these illegal catching and killing actions and to document their crimes and misdemeanors!
-------------  About the slander campaign: just scroll down after opening this link please. Nigel Cameron of the Petitionhub commented as well (at the end)


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Petitionsand More, Nov. 26  Against Factory Farming in Austria, still in need of more signatures  Environmentalist and civil society activist Yevgeny Vitishko was sentenced to three years in prison on trumped-up charges. His "crime" is that he spoke openly about the illegal building of the reserve and the nature of the harm caused to the construction in Sochi, Russia. Needs more signatures from us! India: to prevent the merciless cruelty towards animals and to curb soaring illegal slaughtering activities! Spain, Valencia: Take charge of sterilization and the feeding of cat colonies! 422,000 euros per year is spent, but not a single euro goes to the care of abandoned cats! France, close this ‘shelter’ called ‘Savoir Donner’: no quarantine, no infirmary, little or no insulation in the cabins, little or no veterinary screening, no sterilization, little or no care!  EU, Stop the rabbit caging in animal husbandry Stop Oil Supertanker Traffic on BC's North Coast
                     ========  News, votes, updates  =========  Bosnia Herzegovina, Bojan Veselici, looking desperately for adopters of the dogs in the dog-pound; only 5 days are left for them Nepal and India: Saving animals from the Gadhimai sacrifice, part two


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Petitions and More, Nov. 25 Deny Import Permit for Black Rhino Hunt; more attention needed! BLM: Protect Wild Horses from Gold Drilling Exploration Project!
Needs more signatures Truly dedicated petitioners are seeking justice in otherwise unknown horrific animal cruelty cases; READ please, the correct targets, contents, proof with images are provided, updates posted; support these petitions! Ignore this smear campaign on, don't let the animals be the victims of this, again! Every petitionsite is 'making money' in order to exist and to provide a free platform!  A new law against the trade in and consumption of dog and cat meat in Switzerland! Confirm, cliquer-ici! Reject the opening and extension of a breeding facility of primates (1600!) near Strasbourg! More signatures urgently! Americans, Wildlife, National Parks Targeted as Collateral Damage by Navy Plans
                 =========    News, votes, more   =========== Here they are, the six nominees for Dom Bontje 2014/Dumb Fur bearers 2014, take your pick, ‘stem’
Here is just a small list of our successful animal campaigns in the last period:
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