Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Petitions and More, January 31 US-info. Expressing deep concerns and strong opposition to HR 4879/HR 3599, introduced by Rep. Steve King, which seeks to undermine basic humane laws that have been enacted to protect animals from egregious cruelty! Members of the Antarctic Commission: build the world's largest protected area, a protected marine area in the Antarctic Ocean  US-info.  Stop Trump's destructive infrastructure scam! US-info. Pruitt, now running the EPA, is using his position to pay back his campaign contributors and reward the fossil fuel industry. Stop Scott Pruitt from destroying our environmental protections! Every year the government opens up more of Australia’s treasured ocean environment for oil and gas exploration. It’s time for that to stop Spain. Alicante police brutally beat up the dog and the homeless man, they came with 5 local police vehicles plus two of the national, more than 12 policemen, for a  homeless man and his dog, unbelievable and unacceptable, what a shame!! Russia. Prohibit by law all activities (killing, torturing animals, spreading hatred) of  LLC "Fauna +" and Belgorod (Bublik VM)! Colombia. Include animals, pets, in the National Risk Management Plan of the UNGRD,  recognize them as victims of disasters and generate programs for their protection! Italy. No hunting in Tuscany. Stop the killing of innocent animals! Argentina. Repeal the ordinance which forbids dogs on the beach and realize a campaign of awareness, sterilization, education and adoption of dogs that have no owner. Stop the malicious persecution by the Municipality of Puerto Madryn! Spain. Ayuntamiento de Huelva. Support please. A colony of cats in the neighborhood of Molino de la Vega lived there for 15 years, now they are going to build there and we have presented a project to the Department of the Environment to give us municipal land to transfer them and other abandoned cats!  The Bureba, a virgin area in the province of Burgos. We request for the Burgos-Vitoria / Gasteiz AVE to be done through the center option (Burgos-Prádanos-Pancorbo), which was already approved in 2015 and which, besides being shorter, has less environmental impact on wildlife and nature! Germany. Save the 2 Swabian-hog pigs at the Wild-Tierpark Schweinfurt from slaughter  Boycott canadian Seafood, Maple Syrup, Travel Boycott until the cruel commercial Seal Hunt in Canada end forever Please don't be fooled by photos of adorable cloned monkeys. Zhong Zong and Hua Hua will live their lives in pain
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Petitions and More, January 30  Furla continues to sell fur pompom key chains and handbags, which it recently added to its collection! Once more. End this vile ‘tradition’, Help Stop the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in Soria, Spain! Petition against the Fox hunt in Austria! (unclick 2 boxes...) Germany.  More transparency during the current negotiations between your parties forr the next four years and less suffering in livestock farming! UK. Response on Strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act Protecting nature is non-negotiable. Don’t abolish the threatened species list!   Germany. Introduce lessons about the benefits of plant-based nutrition in childcare facilities, schools and universities Say No to chicken abuse
Mr. Delon, do not have your dog euthanized on the day of your "departure", so that it stays with you We Need Fact-Based Fisheries Management US-info. Congressional delegation, EPA’s staff and budget cuts are false economy!  Tell First Quantum Minerals: Don't finance Pebble Mine! US-info, needs many more comments Spain. Galicia. We request the City Council of Meis to put an end to the harassment suffered by Bea and the animals she protects and to offer a satisfactory solution for Bea, for her protected animals and for her home "La Pradera"! Turkey. Ormansu. Again rescued dogs were poisoned! We request respect for living beings! Argentina. The death of 34 condors in Mendoza due to poisoning is not an isolated event, during the last year we have received more than 60 specimens killed through the use of toxic bait! So, create a Law of Agrochemical Traceability in Argentina! Argentina. Catch and prosecute the perpetrators who are responsible for the poisoning and disappearance of over 40 dogs in the city of Gral Deheza! Colombia. Request for a Municipal shelter for dogs with an Integral protection and welfare plan in Barranquilla, with medical care and a City Animal Defenders Board installed Spain. Protect the Huentitan Natural Park! No to the destruction of a natural reserve and it’s wildlife! Peru. Dozens of cats, left to their fate at the National Agrarian University La Molina, are dying due to poisoning and abuse. Requesting the rector of the Agrarian University La Molina to immediately initiate actions to prevent the continuing dying of abandoned animals in the facilities! Mexico. Seriousness in reports of animal abuse and more severe penalties for offenders France. Request for the transfer to a sanctuary of abused, neclected and dying calves and cows in a field located in the town of Quetteville (Calvados)! Argentina. Close the zoo in Cordoba, relocate the animals Switzerland. Sursee. Please finish 'beheading of dead geese at the "Gansabhauet" Save the Saddest Bears: End Bear farming in Vietnam! Help End The Great Kangaroo Slaughter! Demand for animal crossing bridges, tunnels across and 'proper' fences along the highways passing through wildlife habitat! Now!  Demand that David Thomas, killing badgers and foxes with hounds, Master of the Dwyryd Hunt to step down and for the Dwyryd Hunt to ban him, and to relocate the hounds Taiwan is by law still behind on protecting animals from being poisoned, trapped and cruelly killed Don't Let Trump Open Our Coasts to Big Oil It's Time to Get Scott Pruitt Out of the EPA
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Petitions and More, January 29  Retweets. Aiming For the High Scoring Republicans who are holding out... Help send previous emails, 2 sample letters provided, scroll down please. (Dear Representative, I am respectfully asking that you please cosponsor H.R.1406 ) Retweets, HR 1406, Republicans Highest HSLF Scores, Group # 69 - # 82 with Message. Companion animals suffering in silence globally w/out ur Voice! Will U stand up against animal cruelty & outlaw dog cat meat trade? This is not about food, this is about the Torture! France. We demand to end the shooting and killing of Wolves, a species covered by a strict protection regime under Article 12 of Directive 92/43 / EC of 21 May 1992! Stop yielding to the lobbying of hunters, ranchers and some supporters for zero wolves; wolves are necessary to maintain balance in nature! To confirm New petitions for Animals, all to confirm! Stop Yulin, China, finally end this dog meat ‘festival’ ! Against the killing of abandoned dogs in Europe! Neuter and spay obligation for cats in Germany! Stop the agony - against cruel animal transports! Let’s get to 50,000 sign. The transport of the lion cubs and 1 more lion, born in the illegal Razgrad Zoo, Bulgaria, to rescue center Felida in the Netherlands, has been canceled!  US-info. Action alerts for wildlife and environment Update. The Countdown Has Begun! Let’s expose South Korea’s appalling cruelty to the world! Russia. Make the punishment for torturing and abusing an animal the same as in the case of a human! The penalties are not high enough! Spain. Protest, emails provided! ASPAYM decided to hold a bullfight in Toledo to obtain funds, on March 24 Stop the dog and cat meat trade in Indonesia, close the extreme market in Tomohon! Spain. Penalties imposed under the current Penal Code are still insufficient for animal abuse and torture! Brazil. Justice for the animals killed on 28 Jan. in the residence of a lady who rescues dogs in Trindade – Goiás! Mexico. Appoint MVZ Isidro Castro, to lead the Agency for animal welfare and responsible ownership in Mexico City, decorated, over 50 years of teaching experience, non-partisan, objective, a conciliatory person Mexico. Protest! Recently, the Director of Security declared in the media that in our city Chihuahua, the police is authorized to shoot animals; this is against legislation! Spain. Irrigation ponds, death traps! Take obligatory and punishable protection measures to avoid drowning tragedies for animals and people, such as: adequate closing, fencing, installation of warning signs and prohibition of access, use of floats, ropes, ladders, ballasts and staircases Spain.  We want to have the disappearance of Chispi, the dog that we gave in adoption through a contract to Jesica Sanchez Rodriguez, investigated  Russia. Ban the use of wild animals in the circus Spain. No to linking the cities of Burgos and Vitoria through the High Speed ​​line, AVE, it's seriously threatening the ecosystem of La Bureba! Spain. No to the artificial viewpoint on the cliffs of the Hoces del Rio Duratón Natural Park, leave wildlife and nature alone! Don't Murder Grizzlies – Demand Wyoming Abandon Plans for Trophy Hunt Volkswagen Forced Monkeys to Inhale Diesel Fumes in Failed Experiment Unacceptable, 31 counts of felony animal cruelty were dismissed! Violet the Dog Almost Died After Owner Dyed Her Purple Don't Let Trump Open Our Coasts to Big Oil
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Reminder, China, please vote every 24 hours. Drag up to the SECOND page (use the grey lining or the red hand with arrow in the middle), and click on the thumbs up at Nr  3 !   (Zhu Lieyu, on animal abuse! ) The Harmony Fund. Ukrain. Shelter Staff Run Down by Car & Dogs Shot!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Petitions and More, January 27

It might be easier to sign the petitions on Facebook, skip the general link. Scroll down and click on ‘see more’ for the 3 different segments where the petitions are listed in 'categories' 
------ Once again.  President Joko Widodo, end the dog meat trade in Indonesia Ask the US Government to Deny an Import Permit for a Black Rhino Trophy from Namibia, requested by Lacy Harber US-info. The Senate unanimously passed S. 654, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act. Please ask leadership to bring the House version of this bill, HR 1494, to the floor as quickly as possible Urgent! Scroll down, at your left: (tweet and) add your name. Bosnian parliamentarians will take the final vote which – if passed- means fur farming will be allowed for a further ten years! If not signed yet. San Francisco, ban the sale of fur! 1) Ready, Set, Ban! End the Dog & Cat Meat Trade in South Korea! 2) US-info. End the Imprisonment of Big Cats Retweets. Republicans Highest HSLF Scores, Group # 43 - # 68 with Message "Make the Global Torture Stop; use your heart to feel, use your eyes to see, use your mind to understand the suffering. Pls use your hands to sign HR1406 Cosponsorship to save 30 Million precious lives!” Atlanta, find a more ecologically responsible, effective way to deal with coyotes in the neighborhoods, by promoting coexistence through education, it's possible! US-info. Needs more attention. State of New Mexico, take action to implement new statewide spay-neuter funding mechanisms to decrease companion animal overpopulation, a statewide problem! Animal Welfare under the Belgium constitution  UK. (Register or login...) Ban the sale of animal fur  I fully support Animals Lebanon's campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation. The petition will remain open until the law is enacted so please sign too!  Bulgaria. Allow the safe relocation and transport of these 2 lion cubs  (unclick the boxes below your signature, if not interested!)
If you notice that the next day you’re automatically logged in, please logout and login the correct way again, else petitions might remain unsigned (after ‘signing’) ...! Spain. Change the laws, add  penalties with jailtime for any type of mistreatment of any animal Turkey. Eskişehir. Anadolu University. Arrest the  2nd  class student to be prosecuted for torturing and killing cats! As well. Turkey. Mersin Municipality. This teacher, Durmus Ahmet, dragging a dog behind his car, has only be fined, we want a prison term! Russia. Bring to justice those who committed the murder of a bear in the Republic of Yakutia! Turkey. Antalya. Justice for this horse, Zulma, died (4 people on the horse) Spain. Let's avoid the bullfighting festivities at Brunete's parties Italy. Ban the breeding and sale of unweaned chicks
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