Saturday, April 29, 2017

Petitions and More, April 29  Needs many more signatures. India, Kerala, Minister, we ask you to implement Animal Birth Control statewide! To re-tweet: HR 30, against the dog and cat meat trade, China, Yulin Needs more signatures! Petition against animal experiments ZIP=5 digits. Support The Florida Black Bear Habitat Restoration Act Denmark: requesting legislation to make it compulsory to mark, spay and neuter and register cats .... Once again. Help Shut Down Cruel Horse and Donkey Facilities  Actions Peta India, if not signed yet More signatures are welcome. Newborn elephant calves at these four UK zoos will be trained to perform for the public through the fear of an ankus unless we, as the UK public, call for better treatment of captive elephants US-info. Tell your Senators: Don't let Trump hand our oceans over to Big Oil US-info. Support critical legislation to fight Trump's assault on our coasts and permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic, and all American coastal waters, from drilling   ????????? US-info. Resist Trump’s efforts to drill off our coasts  Please support legislation to prevent new offshore oil drilling. Protect our seas from oil spills! Tell The EPA You Support Regulations That Protect Our Environment Turkey. Adana. Protesting the treatment of the mother of cats, abandoned animals, volunteers forced to leave their homes Argentina. National Park Iguazú. Free the captured puma in Cataratas. Wildlife, captured from it's home! We Demand Animal Cruelty Charges Be Filed Immediately Against Lion's Gate Sanctuary For Murder Of 11 Innocent Animals Demand Ruperta, A Sick and Starving Elephant be Urgently Rescued From a Zoo In Venezuela, and sent to Sanctuary
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Chinese letter to send, protesting Yulin

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Dear Government of China,
China’s rich cultural and traditional history spans thousands of years and now China is fast becoming a recognized and dominating super economic power, with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living as the result of economic and social progress.
However, with great success comes great responsibility, and as a global citizen, I am truly shocked and appalled to learn about the cruelty and suffering currently being inflicted upon the helpless companion animals, namely dogs and cats, of Yulin, killed during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
This medieval way of treating animals sits at complete odds with how China has progressed as a society in recent years. This is not about cultural differences this is about the most basic of ethics and about treating animals with compassion.
It’s plain to see that the practices carried out at Yulin represent a new low for China. Those animals we choose to be our working companions, our eyes when we are blind, our guardians of the family home, to share our food and to be our best friends for hundreds of years are suffering and are being slaughtered in the most monstrous of ways.
There are many videos on YouTube to evidence this, although they are not easy to watch.
Despite how you feel about eating any animal, no living, sentient being should be abused or tortured for any reason, and no right-minded person can rationally argue otherwise. Dogs and cats suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of farmers, traders and butchers – beaten, torched with fire, boiled alive, etc. Not all these animals are “farmed” – many are beloved, stolen pets.
The medieval treatment of companion animals in Yulin provides a cruel contrast to the slick, sophisticated, modern image that China tries so hard to portray to the outside world.
Until Yulin and the Chinese government officials begin to legitimately and aggressively police, enact and enforce the companion animal protection laws as a first step in ending this shameful industry, I will be protesting for the tens of thousands of suffering, neglected and abused companion animals living lives of utter misery and pain unto death throughout Yulin and other cities that supply these animals to Yulin.
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Subject:  国评论,四月 2017  China, April 2017
作为一名全球公民,了解到玉林狗肉节每年遇害, 无助的狗和猫群所遭遇的残酷和痛苦, 不惜感到震惊与无奈。虽然YouTube所上载的影片不容易光看,但描述以证实了所有对狗儿们的残酷与暴力。
尽管对吃任何动物的感受如何,无论是住在何处, 没有一个正常的人会有任何合理的说词来辩解任何动物所遭受的折磨与残暴的对待。
狗和猫在农民,贸易商和屠夫的手中遭受难以言语的恐怖 - 殴打,火烧,活活烫煮, 以及活活砍断手脚等。
并不是所有这些动物都被“养殖” - 有许多的狗和猫是有主人疼爱的宠物,确被人偷去并做为食物。
直到榆林和中国政府官员开始合法,积极的管制,制定和执行动物保护法, 我和全世界的数万名支持者会继续抗议玉林节以及中国的狗和猫肉习俗。
我相信中国能打造一个先进和富有同情心的社会, 成为令人敬佩的榜样。


Petitions and More, April 28 Once more. Tell Congress to Defund Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs! Actions, if not signed yet Australian cattle being sledgehammered to death in a Vietnamese abattoir Italy-info. Allocate 50% of funds earmarked for research in the biomedical and health research for the development of alternative methods! Firma la petizione US-info.  Co-sponsor the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, "The Wildest Bill on the Hill!" Sign for a Common Agrarian Policy respectful of people and nature US-info. Once more. Resist Trump's Attacks on Our National Monuments US-info. Trinity Post Fires Hazard Reduction and Salvage Project - Support Alternative 5 US-info. Donald Trump is proposing massive tax breaks for billionaires, corporations and pass-through entities Stop Trump from gutting the EPA and putting our air and water at risk! Indonesia. Bali. Allow and regulate entry and exit (adoption) of animals, as in the rest of the world, with vaccines, chips and passports Germany. Bavarian Landtag, approve and apply Spay and Neuter programs according to § 13 b TierSchG, against Cat-misery in Bavarian communities! Turkey. Stop and punish these atrocities towards animals (in front of children)  No official target. Turkey. Stop (sport) hunting birds Turkey. Gerede. Clean up pollution from the leather and textile industry Protect Endangered Wildlife: End Conflict Minerals Australian Government, Make Domestic Violence Refuges More Pet Friendly
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Petitions and More, April 27 France. Abandon the animal facility project for the purpose of medical research and develop more alternative methods to animal testing at the health center of Nancy Brabois. To confirm If not signed yet. Against hunting bears, wolves and their cubs in Alaska!;jsessionid=00000000.app274a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=878 Once more. Urge North Dakota State University and Sanford Health to End the Use of Live Pigs for ATLS Training Thank President Buhari, Minister Jibril, and Governor Ayade for standing up for wildlife and local communities in Nigeria’s Cross River State today — and make sure they keep their word! No more zoo in the city of Turin, Italy;jsessionid=00000000.app312a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4236 Protest.  President Trump is considering rolling back the Antiquities Act and stripping protections from some of our recently established national monuments US-info. Oppose efforts by the Trump administration to weaken protections, change boundaries or rescind designations for any national monument ZIP=5 digits.  I oppose review of national monument designations EU, Install Cameras in Slaughterhouses! Argentina. Pilar. Request for massive castration campaigns, veterinary care and deworming! Mexico.  Gov. of Reynosa. Support is needed for animal shelters in Reynosa ... Mexico. No to the destruction of the habitat of a pack of coyotes (and other wildlife) in the dunes, Coatzacoalcos View Stop the (oil) spills, pollution, in the Amazon! Investigate and punish those responsible! Mexico. Governor of the State of Puebla. protect the land, soil, against destruction, no burning, no building; reforest, and avoid further deterioration of the Zapotecas As well! Tell Ryan Zinke: Protect Wildlife on Alaska's Refuges! Justice for Simon: Tell United Airlines to Update Its Pet Travel Policies!
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Inglewood, sister city to Gyeongju, S. Korea To post a copy of the letter
Twitter: .@GyeongJuCity .@gyeongsangbukdo .@CityofInglewood Plz Urge Sister City-Gyeongju,Korea-Stop torture/eating dogs/cats
Subject: Inglewood, sister city to Gyeongju, S. Korea
Dear Mayor Butts.
Dear City Council Members.
Gyeongju became Sister city with Inglewood in 1990.
Dog-meat consumption is currently being practiced in that city, regardless of the fact that it is illegal under South Korean Law – but the laws are not enforced.
The dog and cat meat trades involve extreme and widespread animal cruelty, and the animals suffer unimaginable pain and distress.
For your information:
They cannot speak for themselves which is why I am writing on their behalf.
I believe that your city wishes to be made aware of this ongoing issue, and not want to be affiliated with a city where illegal and immoral torture is being carried out on any animal, and particularly not on those that are loyal, trusting and sentient creatures, which look up to us humans as being their guardians.
These illegal trades are still being allowed to continue by Korean authorities – even though there is a large growing opposition from pet owners across South Korea, and throughout the world.
So, I am asking you to please speak with your counterparts in  Gyeongju, especially Mayor  Yang-Sik Choi, to urge them to enforce their own laws, not ignore them, and to show compassion towards their companion animals, and respect to their own citizens, by bringing these brutal trades finally to an end!
With the Winter Olympics coming up in 2018, this is the time to make change; this is the time to stop the illegal, inhumane and unnecessary cruelty.
I know that South Korea has many beautiful, admirable and noble practices and customs worth preserving, but this is not one of them.
Thank you for your time and understanding.
Please let me know how you feel about this so often concealed subject, thank you.


Petitions and More, April 26 US-info. Urge your representatives to ensure that any anti-wolf riders which undermine the Endangered Species Act and its scientific process are NOT included in any bill to fund the government for the remainder of FY 2017 ! US-info, to call. Congress will vote this week on a budget to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. The Republican majority is threatening to attach sneaky anti-wolf “riders” to the thousands-pages-long, must-pass budget!  US-info, to call.  Pass a clean continuing resolution without any amendments that weaken protections for wildlife or target the Endangered Species Act! Oppose bills S.B. 458, H.B. 2107, H.B. 2589 and S.B. 371, all of which would put Cougars at great risk of barbaric hounding!  Support Assembly Bill 8, which would give the California Department of Fish and Wildlife greater flexibility when responding to mountain lion depredations  Support Legislative Bill 448 to end Mountain Lion hunting in Nebraska! Take Action on 3 Bills that Would Protect Wildlife in New Mexico! Forest Service: prohibit trapping in the Caja del Rio and other areas of Santa Fe National Forest! US Fish and Wildlife Service: work to restore Mountain Lions to their historic range! Stop Cruelty to Bulls and Horses, gored to death, in Michoacán! Once more. Canada’s seal slaughter Once more. Support the new moratorium for the Leuser Ecosystem Demand that BNP Paribas does not allow their private profit to risk the extinction of the South Texas Ocelots! Needs 100,000 sign. Stand up to protect the Great Northern Forest! More attention please. Protect Penguin Habitat in East Antarctica and the Weddell Sea Italy. Stop the poisoning of animals in Grotte, AG! Russia. To prohibit by law the mass persecution of the dogs in the city of Almetyevsk! Russia. For the protection of cats -  leave one air hole in the basement of each house open for  animals! Russia. Stop animal abuse in Omsk zoo, Bolshereche village! Russia. As well Russia.  Protest. Omsk region, Bolshereche village zoo, the terrible state of the zoo's conditions for the animals Russia.  Omsk region. Protest against the terrible conditions of the animals in the "zoo Bolsherechensky"! Russia. State Duma Voronova and 8 others: Improve the lives of animals in zoos (Bolsherechensky zoo) ! Russia. Bolsherechensky Zoo. Omskaya area. Protest. The animals live under horrible conditions... Russia. Gov. Perm. Help NGO "I am human" to open the first shelter for homeless animals in Tchaikovsky, Perm region!  Russia. Dalnegorsk. To create a shelter with care, vaccinations and food, for homeless animals Russia. Samara region. Sergius area. Say No! to harassment and abuse of animals! Russia. Start the construction of a caring shelter for homeless animals in Saransk  Demand that the UK government increases funding for alternative research instead of testing on animals!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Petitions and More, April 25 H&M, Please Stop Selling Leather of Suffering Cows Today! Actions for animals, if not signed yet France. City Hall of Bléré and the DDPP. Justice for these starved 'farm' animals! To confirm;jsessionid=00000000.app334a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=141 Urge accountability for attacks against environmental defenders in Guatemala More signatures urgently needed. The killing of stray dogs for the 2017 Songfestival in Ukrain must be stopped! Spain. Barcelona. Official support needed for the colony of Cats of the Verneda! Spain. Stop subsidizing the breeding of hunting dogs, make sterilizations mandatory by law, promote adoption, follow up on the destination of hunting dogs, with the help of identification, penalize all the disappearances and killings! Italy. We want justice done for this Dalmatian in Milan, Carugate, burned and left to die by his owner! Portugal. End the killing of animals in the dogpounds of the Azores according to the deadline approved by the Assembly of the Republic, Not over 6 years! Spain. Take action! Lliçà de Munt, denounced for mutilating the vocal cords and for having more than 20 puppies in unhealthy conditions has gone to trial but they have Not removed the animals! Italy. Stop this illegal fishing, they are emptying our sea!
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