Thursday, October 29, 2015

Petitions and More, October 29 Slovenia. The petition for the welfare of abandoned and discarded animals on the coast. The local residents of the municipality of Koper, Izola Municipality, the Municipality of Piran, municipalities, Ankaran and all our other supporters of this initiative, we express our disagreement over the intention of the coastal municipalities to amend the decree, which would mean that the coastal shelter for abandoned animals will be directly, without a public tender, awarded to a profit company that manages waste! Confirm afterwards please! Germany. For years now, strictly protected lynx are being shot in the Bavarian Forest, poisoned and mutilated! Confirm afterwards!  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions The Netherlands. Letter to fashion brand The Kooples - which still sells products of angora and real fur!  Star Alliance, Mark Schwab, make a fundamental decision against the transport of Dolphins! PM Turnbull - Lead the Ban on Super trawlers! Send an e-mail to Marian Bestelink, Marian is the Nature and Animal Welfare representative of the Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affair, Sharon Dijksma, who recently called for a complete ban on animal trophy hunting Germany. According to traffic law there must be a "compelling reason" to brake suddenly. It so happens that one must slow down for a dog, but not for a cat! We protest;jsessionid=7AAADCF1D48F4899A2E39944C4D09E58.app202a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=221 A private company wants to build overnight accommodation at Maligne Lake, putting grizzly bears and a small struggling herd of four woodland caribou at risk The Netherlands. Change the poorly enforced control on wood theft and thus deforestation in the Amazon and Congo Basin! Russia. Ban/fire Olga Mosiyuk who's murdering dogs and cats at the shelter "Sviatobor" in the Rostov region! Russia. Kirov district. Iinspect Uzyallo Viktoria into the (severe) ill-treatment of animals Article 245 of the Criminal Code, defamation of Article 129 of the Criminal Code, extortion .... Brazil. Complete the vote on Bill No. 2833/2011 dealing with increased penalties imposed on crimes towards animals. It is a critical approval, because in our country the impunity of those who abuse animals is a shame! Russia. Legislation to ban mass shooting and poisoning of dogs in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Sibai! Spain. Andalucia. Stringent health protocols for animals  at the dog pound in Sevilla, respect the right to life and health of animals! Spain. Andalucia. Those who fight to save lives against  those already studying how to remove/kill them Save Endangered Snow Leopards and Their Habitat Help Protect Threatened Coral Reefs
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