Friday, October 2, 2015

Petitions and More, Oct. 2 USFWS Seeking Comments for CITES Elephant and Rhino Protection, deadline Oct. 26 Please prohibit Animal testing for household products and their ingredients in the EU! Netherlands, please vote for dismantling and replacement of Animal tests on Monkeys! Please help stop preventable chemical experiments on Animals in the EU! Patagonia, thanks for stopping the sale of Wool, but please let this be a definite end! Action alerts for Animals, if not signed yet US-info, if not signed yet: Protect the Endangered Species Act  Germany, make Animal Rights education an integral part of curricula, teacher training and of teaching materials, schooling! Confirm please Ban consistently Animal testing of household products in the EU! Confirm If not signed yet: Animal testing should only be carried out if there are no non-animal methods, the experiments are indispensable and ethically defensible. Let's call for an (independent!) central competence center to be the judge! Confirm Supporting Blood Lions  Tweet-Storm, TV Premier MSNBC USA, Oct. 6/7th Spain, TV Program, animal advocates ask that the issue of the next program for animal abuse is removed, it’s free advertising to those industries engaged in abuse! Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, No hunters-involvement in classes at kindergartens and schools!  WildLands Defense, use your ill-gotten money and land to relocate prairie dogs instead of protesting!
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