Friday, October 16, 2015

Petitions and More, October 16  Oppose the massive roundup of 1,500 wild horses from the Beatys Butte Herd Management Area (HMA) in southeastern Oregon! Ask Hawaii Tourism Authority to Save Cats from Massacre!!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-IA-2015-0149-0001 Give the Yerkes’ eight and ALL former research Chimpanzees a lifetime in the safety of a US sanctuary where they will benefit from the highest level of experienced and dedicated care available! No export! If not signed yet: Stop selling Fur, it’s horrific! After signing click on ‘inicio’ please, scroll down for the other petitions! Justice for environmental activist Rigoberto Lima Choc, murdered in northern Guatemala after a court upheld charges he filed denouncing massive pollution caused by a palm oil company, Reforestadora de Palma de Petén (REPSA) Urge Pop Secret and Pop Weaver to source their popcorn from seeds that are NOT coated in bee-killing chemicals  Urge Darden to adopt greener menus that support the wellbeing of its customers and workers, farmers, animals and our environment
Romanian Parliament, we ask for higher penalties for those who abuse, torture and kill animals Prosecutor General of Russia, and 4 others,  we are residents of Astrakhan demanding an end to a complete disgrace and brutal massacre of stray animals Turkey, Improve the care for Animals in the dog pound in the Municipality of Vezirköprü! Turkey, collect leftovers of hotels in Antalya to distribute to homeless animals English text incl. Cyprus, illegal killings and unjustified suffering to Animals by State officers Prohibit the consumption of dogs and cats. They are our friends Russia, Leningrad region Drozdenko, prosecute the killer who shot the Swans, listed in the Red Book of Russia! Russia, prosecute the director of the Ussuri zoo for negligence that resulted in the death of animals during the flood because of the typhoon Goni! Russia,  Kostomuksha, Karelia, forbid the bear versus hunting dogs ‘training’ stations! Russia, to end the contract with the employees of KBFPZH! The city of Krasnoyarsk Territory Sharypovo allocated almost 600 000 for the capture and brutal killing of stray dogs, usually on the spot Spain, Fortaleza Prefecture, we need help with food, medical care, neutering, for more and more  abandoned Cats at the Park Adahil Barreto  Italy,  "shopping for Fido" carts in all supermarkets
               ======  News and more   ====== China slaps one-year ban on imports of African ivory hunting trophies Victory: 10 Mexican Gray Wolves to Be Released in New Mexico Verein RespekTiere, newsletters


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