Thursday, November 30, 2017

Petitions and More, November 30 To post your message. Sample:  Please Oppose all legislation intending to delist Wolves, to undermine the ESA, to open up more public lands for gas and oil exploration (including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), drilling, mining, logging and even to allowing Trophy Hunting in National Parks right now before it is too late!!! (Leaving Fb, follow the link) Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, ban the export of live donkeys to China without delay!  If not signed yet. Minister of Justice, protect these animals, bring Canada in line with other industrialized nations and require licensing and regulation of all Canadian scientific laboratories, suppliers and teaching centres where animals are held and used! To confirm NIH uses American tax dollars to fund horrific animal tests worldwide. Contact the NIH and urge them to remove ITR from the list of Foreign Institutions with a PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance, so that your tax dollars will no longer be used to fund cruel tests at ITR Both the U.S. and Canadian federal governments have introduced bills to ban the use of animals in cosmetic testing. U.S residents, find your representative and urge them to support the Humane Cosmetics Act Canadian residents, find your representative and urge them to support the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act  Demand the end of the bullfights during the Sanfermín festivities in Pamplona! The Scottish Government are consulting on the future of fox hunting in Scotland. Ask for a ban!  Finland. We, the undersigned, are calling for the fur sector to comply with at least the current, low-level legislation. Large-scale animal welfare inspections must be carried out! For a free sterilization campaign for stray dogs and cats – Paraguay. More petitions will follow UK-info. Ask to your MP to back campaign to ban cruel battery breeding cages for gamebirds!  Needs more signatures USDA, Fine Davis Lab after Alpacas' Deaths! We demand that the law currently in force in France be respected and applied in the strictest manner and that any Bullfighting - or similar - be Prohibited! To confirm  US. Call! Stop the tax bill scheme to drill the Arctic Refuge! Tell NOAA you want New England ocean habitat to be protected Certified deforestation, human rights abuse, and workers exploitation. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certifies destruction and major brands, like PepsiCo, love it   US-info. Maui County Council, Ban the Sale and Use of Coral-Killing Chemicals in Sunscreen Products Spain. Withdraw the funding of bullfighting and curb this barbarism! Tahiti. Justice for the dog, hanged and dismembered, visible on this facebook account, Thursday, November 23, 2017! Polynesian Government, take exemplary measures, so that never again such an act can be committed! Spain. Mayor, council, of Malgrat de Mar: No to the closing of the cattery, cat rescue, Amics dels animals of Malgrat de Mar ! Russia. Almost all the cellars and attics of residential buildings are closed tightly. Cats are forced to spend the night in the cold outside. We consider it necessary to open part of the cellars for the cats, they can catch the mice as well ! Italy.  Put in place an urgent cleaning plan for the 5000 Km of coastline at Costa Ormai! Germany.  Weed killer Glyphosate was approved for another 5 years against the people's vote! Resign, Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt (CSU)! End Jordan's "Holy War" on Stray Dogs! Close down Monkey Jungle once and for all Ban all trade and commerce related to the Killing, Collecting, or accumulating of Endangered/Sport Creatures
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Petitions and More, November 29 Call, post a message (example included), HR 1406 outlaws dog and cat meat in the USA! Retweets, our friends were recently in DC talking about dog cat meat  UK-info. Ban the sale of animal fur in the UK. To confirm Priceline Supports Elephant Abuse Members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission, put the Antarctic first and secure an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary! Germany. Dismiss Schmidt, prohibit glyphosate! Clarify this scandal! To confirm, second link Russia. Russian animal rights activists ask Facebook to allow them the possibility to receive  donations on their Fb pages to save homeless animals: please review the Facebook policy against Russia and give the opportunity to do fundraisers! Italy. Prohibit hunting, livestock grazing and building in the burnt areas and start reforestation now! Immediately close  "Park Rodnik" in Russia, the animals are kept in intolerable conditions Germany. Glyphosate vote: Committee of Inquiry into Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt, CSU!  Investigate Suspicious Dog Poisonings!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Petitions and More, November 28 Just an example:  Congressman Mike Conaway, I urge you to Cosponsor and help to Review and Markup HR1406 - the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017. Dogs and cats are companion animals, pets, not livestock! Tweet H.R. 1406 for Marc’s Meeting, to join US-info. Oppose Sec. 120 (the War on Wolves Rider) included in fiscal 2018 spending bill for U.S. EPA/Interior Department ! US-info. Tell Your Representative: Protect endangered right whales. Vote NO on SECURE American Energy Act, HR 4239! Michael Kors Is Rotten to the Core France. Demanding a campaign to sterilize street cats in Voiron (38). To confirm Defend the massive "Svydovets", one of the most beautiful forests, richest in flora and fauna, 14,000 hectares in the Ukrainian Carpathians threatened by a mega-tourism project! More actions will follow UK-info. (AA1 1AA or A1 1AA format) Prevent precious and beautiful wild dune habitats from being turned into a golf course! Russia. Take measures to prevent the manifestation of aggression in children in relation to animals! Brazil. City of Imbituba, we need a spay, neuter and vaccination program for the pets of less fortunate owners, and for the abandoned animals! Italy. Mayor, we urgently need support for a protective association for abandoned dogs and cats in Ceglie Messapica! Brazil. City Hall of Seabra. We need a spay and neuter program for dogs and cats in the municipality of Seabra Bahia to end the suffering of so many street animals! Russia. We demand that the law prohibit hunting (and fenced-in training for hunting dogs) since in this era this legalized lethal injuring and murder is one of the most cruel and cowardly acts of man towards animals! And there is not one argument to justify it! Spain. Listen to the voters and remove the subsidies and contracts for both schools, José Tauromaquia de Madrid Marcial Lalanda and José cubero "yiyo"!  No to bull torture with our tax money! No to the indoctrination of children! Stop Foie Gras in the 'superstars' of the Selex group! Stand Against oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Save Our Marine National Monuments! Protect Belize's Barrier Reef From Offshore Drilling Tourism Industry: Elephants Belong in the Wild Protect wild animals on your holidays Ask Pizza Hut to Offer Vegan Cheese in the US
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Petitions and More, November 27 Members of the Animal Protection Caucus Republicans Retweets for HR1406  The Insanity Has To End! Twitter targets: 7 Key Reps & HSLF Republicans, List #1 - #22 Dog and Cat meat health risks Target: 7 key Reps, Calls & FB Pages to leave Comment, all 7 are non-cosponsors of HR1406, so keep the pressure on! UK-info. Template letter to use. Protect animal welfare laws, enshrine animal sentience in UK law: email your MP!  Against the killing of stray dogs in Europe Ban animal transport for slaughter to non-EU countries! To confirm Some senators want FWS to declare the red wolf extinct? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Must Recommit to Red Wolf Recovery in the Wild! Urgent. France. Demanding to investigate the problems caused by new neighbors of the refuge, founded in 1982, Sorgue Vaucluse, SPA, to dismiss all requests and let them reimburse all costs incurred by the SPA shelter so that this officially recognized refuge of public utility can exist!  To confirm France. Stop the massacre that takes place in Lorraine for the sole purpose of exterminating Foxes, to please hunters!  Save these Dolphins! Governments of Indonesia and Vietnam, where these dolphins are from, create net-free zones in the areas where Irrawaddy dolphins live! Once more. Bed Bath and Beyond: Stop Selling Down! Germany. Stop the senseless killing of the Saxon wolves! To confirm  Mr. Gabriel, to present this petition to the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi : stop the horrific Yulin Dog meat 'Festival' ! Netherlands. Keep the Animal Police Dep.! To confirm  Get an immediate ban on this new insecticide, sulfoxaflor! To confirm  For legal protection of the local bees and the conservatories which ensure its preservation in Europe Tell Wells Fargo: Cut off the money for Keystone XL! Members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission, secure the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary! Russia. Stop the mass extermination of (stray) dogs and cats in the dogpound of Rostov-on-Don, the facts are monstrous and deserve close attention at the federal level, because each of us understands that such a mass extermination of animals and non-targeted use of budgetary funds can occur in other regions of the Russian Federation! Russia. Legislatively introduce punishment for poisoning dogs with bait! Russia. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Paradise of murderers and sadists, territory of absolute evil, facts of unprecedented cruel killing and torture of animals Russia. Yakutsk. Justice for the 1 year old sheepdog, showered with water and left to freeze to death outside by it's owners! We demand the adoption of the law on the responsible treatment of animals, which will put an end to the senseless and dangerous cruelty of people towards animals! Belarus. Stop the destruction of dogs, help reduce their numbers without killing! Mexico. Territory of the Miguel Hidalgo Delegation. Fire and charge MVZ Alejandro Vera Ruiz and the MVZ Rocío Pérez Terrazas, for executing the slaughter of the Casa de Moneda cats of the Deportivo Pavón and the French Pantheon and for encouraging cruelty to animals because of the feeding ban. Cats and kittens have been drowned and buried in cement! Peru. Given that our law already contemplated animals as sentient beings, the SOAT should allocate a small percentage of the budget to the medival care of animals injured by vehicles in the country! Spain. Mayor of Fiñana, Nacimiento River District. Approve the animal protection project, for a better world! Fight to preserve the wolves of Scandinavia before it is too late, stop all hunting of wolves in Sweden! Spain. Galicia. Control the sale of poisons, like narcotics, it should have sales records and be sold only in authorized establishments!  Chile. No more captivity and cruelty towards the animals of the Pedro de Valdivia Park France. Protest. A tiger, wild and noble animal, shot in Paris by it's owner, and it's legal? Greece. Please Help the Corfu Strays, Provide Licensed Veterinary premises for sterilisation projects! Belgium. Stop the Mink farming for fur in Flanders!
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Saturday, November 25, 2017 Evian, France, friendship city to Muju-Gun, S. Korea  English letter as a copy
Twitter:  .@evian_ville .@jeonbukstar Mayor Francina, Plz Urge Friendship City Muju-gun, South Korea-Stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats
Subject:  Amitié entre les villes d’Evian et Muju-Gun, Corée du Sud
Monsieur le Maire d’Evian,
Mesdames et Messieurs les Conseillers Municipaux:
Regardez les vidéos de l’industrie de la viande de chats et de chiens en Corée du Sud:
Pouvez vous conserver vos liens d’amitié avec une ville où l’on torture et on mange les chiens et les chats?
Demandez au maire de Muju-Gun, Jeong-Su Hwang, de fermer tous les élevages et les abattoirs illégaux, les marchés, les restaurants qui vendent ces produits.
Une petition est actuellement en ligne, qui demande votre soutien pou combattre l’odieux commerce de chats et de chiens en Corée du Sud:
Dans l’attente de votre réponse, merci !
Dear Mayor Francina and the City Council members,
We ask you to please watch the videos of South Korea’s dog meat industry:
Do you think that Evian should be a Friendship city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten?
 Please urge Muju-gun Mayor Jeong-Su Hwang to close down all those illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers, and restaurants that serve these animal products.
An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress:
The favor of your reply is requested.

Thank you.

Petitions and More, November 25 Please leave your Daily message to “Review & Markup HR1406” and why, on this new AG House Committee post! Scotland-info. Tell your MSPs: Maintain the animal sentience principle in Scotland! Ask H & M to stop selling leather! Spain-info. If not signed yet. For a General Law of Welfare and Protection of Animals in Spain, a Law that establishes welfare minimums for all animals, as sentient beings! 1) Keep the Elephant Trophy Hunting Importation Ban in Place! 2) Stop Jordan's Barbaric War on Dogs! The Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, just launched a process that could open up massive areas of the country's rainforest to destructive logging! Producers of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano: give cows access to pastures and improve their living conditions! As well. Requesting higher welfare for Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano dairy cows Colombia. Increase attention for cases of animal abuse #CausasCiudadanas, with OPAAC we have as a principle to protect the animals diligently, comprehensive care for animals with a civic police team for animal protection! Russia.  Create an expanded legislation on animal protection, the Unified State Service for the Protection of Animals, and introduce increased responsibility for causing damage to the health of animals! France. Against the industrial poultry industry in Bressolles in Allier, with 160,000 chickens and 12,000 turkeys a year!
in violation of the law on animal protection Legislative Decree 2/2008 of 15 April 5113 published in the DOGC 17/04/2008 with extensions that took effect in August 2017! Spain. City Council of Puerto del Rosario. Protest against the new ordinance, only 3 pets (dogs) per dwelling, being forced to bring the others to the kill-pound! Stop The Increased Cruelty On Chicken Production Lines! Starbucks, stop using plastic straws and cups and start using environmentally friendly straws and cups
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