Monday, October 26, 2015

Petitions and More, October 26 The Netherlands. Pigs in Distress/Varkens in Nood wrote a proposal to allow the transition from a sick overproducing pig sector to a small-scale, sustainable and more meat substitutes plan Ukraine. Initiation of criminal proceedings against sadists A. and L. Puzko for sadistically murdering puppies and other dogs, apply the most severe punishment/sentences! Russia. Isolate Karolina Pokazaneva, one of the most brutal and sadistic dog killers in Russia, from our society! Russia. Dog killers and poisoners are invading  the whole of Russia! Create a law on the protection of animals! Rep. of Tatarstan. Stop the atrocities at the Elecon plant in Kazan, stray cats fall into machines and die in agony, also from phenol vapors. We want to cooperate on the management, humane trapping, sterilization, and further humane and adequate control Russia. Bring this organization to justice, it was supposed to protect animals Turkey. Municipality of Saray. Abandoned animals become victims before every election we must put an end to this atrocity, being destroyed even before being thrown in the dog pounds Russia. Take steps to organize a (protective) shelter for animals in Lyudinovo against sadisme Germany. Tornesch. Preservation from, protection against cultivated allotment development area Gr. + Kl. Moorweg / Schäferweg; save the small garden plot of 2 men, 12 neutered cats and 10 chickens Russia. On the rescue of stray animals, proposed options, ‘saving’ the streets of Russian cities from stray animals in a non-violent way Spain. Carr. Protect animals from the streets, sterilizing, deworming and protecting health, providing shelter Spain. Camargo, Cantabria. Include in the new contract with the dog pound the specifications to ensure Zero killing and to improve sanitary conditions to enable animals to survive until adopted Turkey. Petitioning Aslıhan Selcuk: Stop the Goose Down Torture Turkey Facebook Management, we demand Immediate termination of illegal animal selling ads on your Web Site
You might want to check on your signature later on Emergency: Florida Black Bear Trophy Hunt out of Control! Stop Killing Bears for Your Ceremonial Hats; Choose Other Method Stop Experimenting on Dogs To Make Them More Muscular Urge Investigation of CDC Laboratories Using Animals for Research Introduce Resolution of Proper Care Showing Pitbulls Are No Dangerous than Other Dogs Texas, Increase Inspection of Livestock Producers To Ensure Safe Handling of Animals Enforce Laws & Regulations to Protect Whales & Dolphins from Fishing Entanglements
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