Friday, October 23, 2015

Petitions and More, October 23;jsessionid=51B49E1CA1177BAA6B60E937BB41D786.app203b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2849 Malaysia. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, enact a mass vaccination policy and remove mass killing from your rabies eradication options! (Only 2 'reported cases of rabies'!) US-info.  How are animals to be fairly protected when scientists are being forced to protect themselves? Wisconsin Representative Adam Jarchow wants to make it illegal for concerned citizens to photograph or videotape hunters poaching or committing other crimes against wildlife! Copy/paste, send your message please to,,,, US-info. To uphold the 2016 NDAA, guaranteeing our military working dogs a ride home to the USA! If not signed yet. Stop all hunting trophies transport If not signed yet. France. Stop the cruelty at the slaughterhouse in Ales (Gard) After signing click on inicio, scroll down for more  Stop dolphin captivity in Australia Arizona only. Speak out against SunZia, negatively affecting wildlife habitat and movement corridors, cultural sites, the river itself, and more US-info. A dammed and diverted Gila river would mean significantly less water in the river -- a deadly blow to the area's outdoor economy and wildlife in NM Russia. Sergiev Posad. For a municipal shelter for homeless animals, to be neutered and cared for! Fokin and Zuikov, hands off our city/animals! Russia. Stop the mass shooting of stray dogs in the city of Maikop! Russia. We demand respect for the law №154 on Keeping Cats and Dogs in the Tomsk region. Check, if municipal unitary enterprise "Spetsavtokhoziastvo” is actually capturing dogs using humane methods, registering, neutering and releasing stray dogs and not killing them instead by an overdose of medicine that is used to immobilise dogs at a distance! Brazil. Petitioning Congress. Change the Civil Code to determine which animals are sentient beings Russia. Gov. of Ryazan Region. Create a shelter for homeless animals, not only a place of temporary detention of animals, but also a center of propaganda for humane treatment, public education and parenting responsibility for pets. Many concerned citizens will respond with readiness to help the orphanage in the care for the animals, finding a new home for them, and educational work Russia. Investigate Kamneva Irina V. , rural settlements of the Volgograd region, responsible for cruelty to animals in an unauthorized ‘shelter’ without complying with sanitary standards, basic care (and without neutering dogs, breeding puppies for sale) Brazil. Gov. of Mato Grosso do Sul, build underpasses for (wild) animals in Bonito roads and Pantanal (MS)! Demand that ALL European Union Countries comply with a basic animal welfare protection act, enshrined in the law! Demand the Government Stops a Ship Laden with Nuclear Waste from Entering Australian Waters
                  ==========   News and more   ====== Los Angeles area, US: preserving an ancient wildlife corridor, natural habitat and the City’s greenbelt Petitioner demands the abolition of this regulation since it authorises in its article 4 the killing of animals without prior stunning on religious grounds Details of how dolphins and seals died during the large factory freezer trawler Geelong Star’s first four voyages have been obtained through freedom of information


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