Saturday, October 24, 2015

Petitions and More, October 24 Belgium. Against animal testing for cleaning products, needs more signatures! Only 5 days left! Urge Members of the European Parliament to vote to end EU subsidies to the bullfighting industry Urgent, scroll down to sign: Oppose Massive Oregon Mustang Roundup! Blood Lions, Tweetstorm, Sunday Oct. 25 Urgent! Mauritius: do NOT kill 18,000 fruit bats/flying foxes! Italy. Suspend the Ordinance of the Autonomous Province of Trento as a result of the aggression of a bear occurred in Cadine (TN) on June 15 (copy/paste)  Germany. More severe penalties and revision of § 90a on Animal abuse/torture for the public good and for the protection of the people Russia. Volgograd and Volzhsky. Homeless animals are caught and sent to USYPALKI, the place where the trapped animals will stay for a week, without food, next, they will be killed,  while the  company that got the contract is receiving funds from the state  for services Russia. Moscow region. We demand to study the project of cooperation with the animal shelter, and retired service dogs "Guard" to establish a municipal shelter Russia. Ensure decent conditions for circus bears Egor and Paradise in the city Volgograd Russia. Close the contact zoo in Moscow at 71 km Moscow Ring Road, the mall Waypark, 2nd Floor; animals are not fed or given water Russia. Create a shelter for homeless animals in Okha, show your moral and ethical character
The misery begins behind the doors of the dog pound Schoenebeck. We call for a new 'shelter' management and a better life for the dogs, who are now punished every day Brazil. Build a free Veterinary Public Hospital and an Animal Control Center in Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, also for homeless animals China.  "Huo Jia Lu" means "Living Donkey". The animal has the legs tied and the body pressed while the chefs cut their raw body, serving immediately for diners. Or Lu Jiao Rou, where the butcher pours boiling water over raw meat of the live donkey until it is cooked. Combat this cruelty!  Bahia Rui Costa. Gov., VETO the approval of ALB regulating 'vaquejada' as sports in the state of Bahia, it means approval of mistreatment of animals, under Law 9.605 / 98, Article 32 (against the ill-treatment of animals) Urge the EU to Maintain a Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports from Zambia Tell the UK Government to Prioritise Policing of Dog Fighting! Sign the petition to ban live exports! We Demand the City of Ralls NOT change the standing dog ordinance and let Gus' s Friends for Animal Welfare continue to operate at it's present lcation, unhindered, until a building and land may be obtained outside the City limits (you might have to try twice in order to sign!)  Christina Aguilera Perfumes (Procter & Gamble), stop selling animal tested products
             ==========   News and more   ======== The Netherlands, new discussion, poll: Feral domestic cats should be shot...Vote  ‘oneens’ please!  You will have to register first...Vote every day An outspoken man on animal abuse and cruelty


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