Thursday, October 1, 2015

Petitions and More, October 1 ZIP=5 digits. Help End Cosmetic Testing on Animals, Support the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858) Take Action TODAY: Protect Wild Horses in Wyoming's Red Desert Complex! Deadline Oct. 9 2015 Switzerland, Stop the hunt on Cats and change the Law! To confirm Colombia, Stop the abuse of Animals in Pitalito   Click on ‘inicio’, scroll down to sign many more new petitions France, Dordogne, Stop the lucrative hunt of Deer for antler trophies The public has a 60-day period to provide comments on the intentions paper with final responses due by Oct. 12, 2015 Oppose the Delta Tunnels (California WaterFix, Alternative 4A) Bulgaria, NO to the Stara Zagora Mink Farm! Colombia, Firmly maintain the decision of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca that allows the realization of the Consultation Antitaurina! Spain, Madrid, Ms. Cifuentes, do NOT allocate public money to subsidize the Bullfighting school! Italy, Label the farming method for all products of Animal origin Engage In Regular Rabies Vaccination For Dogs to Avoid Disease & Dog Cull Support & Enforce Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act on Horses Investigate Dog Taken From Homeless Man To Determine Any Wrongdoing Create the First-Ever Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean Proceed With Orca Sanctuary For Its Benefits to the Animals Global Action for Trash Free Seas
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