Friday, July 31, 2015

Petitions and More, July 31 US-info. Act Now to Let U.S. Sanctuaries Rescue Primates from Abuse! ZIP=5 digits. Objection to the U.S. Forest Service's decision to reauthorize cattle grazing in the Sunflower Allotment within the Tonto National Forest in Arizona! Needs more signatures. Justice for the thousands of cats buried alive in Hanoi, Vietnam! Confirm please US-info. Stop the Slaughter of Downed Veal Calves Let Cecil Be the Last – Ask South Africa and Zimbabwe to Ban Canned Hunting Consider options to reintroduce grizzlies in California's Sierra Nevada, where there are 8,000 square miles of prime habitat EP, EU, abolish factory farming in cages for Rabbits! Confirm please OBI is a major purchaser of animals from mass breeding facilities. Ask OBI to end the sale of animals! Uruguay, National Commission for Animal Welfare – CONAHOBA: punishment for women in Sarandi del Yi for animal abuse Spain, Benalmádena Town Hall, start a castration program for abandoned animals especially cats Chile, Providencia, implement comprehensive protection measures for abandoned and stray animals Argentina, Province of Santa Fe, establish a  Veterinary Public Hospital in the city of Venado Tuerto  Spain, protest against the horrendous decision concerning the cats of our deceased companion, Swaantje Schnarre Stop the canned hunting of lions in South Africa! A ban on the export of livestock animals from NSW Ports to overseas countries including the export Revoke Walter James Palmer's License for poaching #Cecil and other wildlife and for Sexual Harassment
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Petitions and More, July 30!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2015-0033  Submit your comments in favor of Amending the Reporting Requirements for Research Facilities Under the Animal Welfare Act Regulations!  US-info. Please co sponsor HR 2293 the Prevent Animal Cruelty & Torture Act! USFWS list the African lion as "Endangered Throughout its Range" under the Endangered Species Act immediately No to the cat massacre in Australia! More signatures please Int. Gov. Susana Martinez, oppose increased trapping of cougar as well as increased bag limits and methods of killing in cougar and bear hunting! NM-info. Protect New Mexico's wildlife! Spain, Puebla de Cazalla, Sevilla, prison time for shooting the dog of his neighbor! Russia, no ‘contact’ Zoo Investigate & Manage Increase in Missing Dogs (Check your signatures...) Tell Congress to Support Conservation and Recreation
             ==========  News and more   ========= Poll, use translate, scroll down, at your right, halfway, Should the grind killings in the Faroes be stopped? Yes=only 46.5 %! (NM, Cruelty Hotline)


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Petitions and More, July 29 Sign to END the Toro de la Vega! If not signed yet: against Bullfighting, against cruel events!  Serbia, stop the unlawful confiscation and killing of Dogs in the Bač municipality! Confirm please Justice for Cecil, famous lion with black manes of Zimbabwe, killed for 50 000, confirm The Netherlands, reduce the VAT rate of veterinarians, to lower the threshold  to visit a veterinarian when animals need medical care! Spain, Granada, no more killing, more humane, fair and reasonable treatment in the dogpound Motril, castrations, expansion, volunteers to help these dogs find a home! Turkey, asking for the right to feed animals at fixed locations, treat them medically, and to have them neutered Argentina, no more deaths at the beach  Sri Lanka, save Sinharaja Rain Forest from Development Devastation  (for some petitions: you might want to check if your signature has been registered!) Ban the Trophy Hunting of African Lions and Protect them as Endangered Species Help Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade Tell the U.S House to Fight Illegal Wildlife Poaching Save Africa's Last Rhinos From Extinction Stand Against The Trafficking of Africa's Great Apes Release Activists Who Tried to Save Faroe Island Dolphins Demand that Dr. Walter James Palmer be expedited to Zimbabwe for the illegal poaching of Cecil the Lion
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Petitions and More, July 28 Lets get 30000 signatures! Pres. Iohannis, Romania, please stop the killing of abandoned dogs in your country! Prevent massacre of feral cats in Australia! Thank the Gadhimai Temple Trust, who just announced that animal sacrifice has been cancelled indefinitely at Nepal's Gadhimai festival! US-info. Help Domestic Violence Victims Get Their Pets to Safety, Too! to start, scroll down for the first petition link. Or login Argentina, apply 14,346 Law of Animal Protection, against mistreatment of and cruelty to animals! (Galgo’s) Against the Faroe Dolphins massacre! More signatures needed. Confirm Protest the hunting of feral /stray cats, open all year throughout Switzerland (in some cantons even 100 or 200 meters of housing)! Since the beginning of July, 7 identifiable cats, located in Avenue de la Gare in La Verpillière, disappeared Inform consumers about the living conditions and the slaughtering of animals. More signatures needed EU, Let the pigs 'live' on straw not on fully slatted floors! Russia, Putin, we ask you to pardon the vet Alexander Nikolaevich Shpak for using Ketamine! Zoletil is not suitable for operations on birds, rodents and cattle , Ketamine has no such drawbacks! Spain, Galicia, Ferrol, help Terracan (dog rescue and care) with licenses and please, less red tape and lies!
      =========   News and more   ======= Producing a documentary film called Compassion Soup to promote compassion instead of cruelty toward dogs in Korea. Creditcards or Paypal