Thursday, October 22, 2015

Petitions and More, October 22 An appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka to pass the Animal Welfare Bill UK-info only. Say YES to Slaughterhouse CCTV, ask your MP to sign EDM 153!
More sign. are needed! Peru. PM Cateriano: Save the Sierra del Divisor  Tweetstorm in support of Blood Lions on Sunday, October 25th After signing, please click on ‘inicio’, scroll down for more petitions France, stop the massive catching of birds; it’s illegal Protest Bird catching/ killing, Malta Protest against the plans of the Icelandic government to weaken the EU Birds Directive US-info. Hold illegal loggers accountable, fully enforce the Lacey Act! Russia. Samara Region. Prosecute the monster who let his dog starve to death in the cold, according to claim 1 st.245 of the Criminal Code Russia. Khabarovsk. Children shot point blank in this cat's eyes. And it is not the first time. Take steps to find those responsible, punish them and prevent similar incidents in the future! Russia. Confiscate Bear Masha from her cage in the central city park Lyubertsy and place the animal in a shelter or zoo, where it will be kept in good conditions  Russia. Do not return the wounded cub in the hands of evil, this petting zoo;  we demand prosecution of the owners and staff of the zoo Norwegian Gov.: improve protection of wolves (and abandoned dogs) in predator zones Stop the sale of cows and other animals for meat and profit at Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
             ==========   News and more   ======== Romania, have your dogs spayed and neutered Gov. Inslee Reverses Wildlife Commission’s Controversial Cougar Trophy Hunting Increase


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