Saturday, October 3, 2015

Petitions and More, October 3 To department store chains and brands, which currently still offer real fur products: Fur is barbarous, Stop the sale! Stop the transport of hunting trophies Stop Monkey experiments in Rijswijk, the Netherlands! Needs 11,000 sign. A Sanctuary for the Nadermann Chimps! Needs 13,000 sign. Spain, No to the abandonment of Animals. After signing, click on ‘inicio’, scroll down to sign more please Restore faith and credibility to the FWS by assertingyour agency's role in administering the Endangered Species Act!  Thank the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit for combating poaching! Austria, Stop hunting raised/homebred Animals!  Supporting Blood Lions Tweet Storm, screening on TV MSNBC on October 7th France, exemplary punishment/condemnation of this couple torturing kittens! Russia, on the establishment of the Russian Federation for Animal Protection/Welfare Russia, Arkhangelsk Oblast Prosecutor, proceed with legal action for criminal proceedings under Art. 1, item 2 of the Law 17.01.1992 № 1992 № 2202-1  concerning severe Dog abuse Japan, Ibaraki, public housing/shelter for citizens and pets as victims of the Sept. 2015 Kinugawa flood damage Spain, Talavera de la Reina, we do NOT want a Bullfighting school funded with money from Talavera citizens! Government of Chile (Aysén), prohibit ‘Jineteadas’and all kinds of Animal torture in Chile  Pres. of Indonesia, stamp out illegal burning, come out a concrete solution on how to educate, control and prevent their farmers from blazing the palm forestry  .... Demand Accountability on Christie's Toxic Deal with Exxon
               ========  News and more   ======== Man Who Beheaded 4 Dogs Gets Up To 28 Years in Prison  Different languages. Public Dog Pound Botosani Romania. It has space for about 960 dogs. Currently there are almost 800 dogs and the dogcatchers bring in new dogs every day. As long as we are able to provide enough food for them no dogs will be killed. For around 7 Euro we can feed 1 dog a full month. Please help us to help our beloved Botosani dogs!


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