Thursday, August 31, 2017

Petitions and More, August 31  U.S. President, Congress and Department of the Interior, redirect tax dollars toward on-range management of wild horses and burros and away from the Bureau of Land Management’s antiquated, inhumane and unsustainably expensive system of capturing, removing and warehousing wild horses! Please sign and share! US-info. Congress will return to Washington after their August recess. When they do, our elected officials will determine the fate of America's iconic wild horses and burros. Please call/email!  Anybody can participate. Please show your support for slaughterhouse CCTV! Contact the USDA and demand the maximum fine against Ruby Fur Farm, Inc.! Copy, paste (add your own words), send please. If possible, give them a call! Together we can fight against factory farming and for animal rights! Darden's animal cruelty, protest France. Animal Cause: support  Jeanine Poullain, who devoted her life to rescuing abandoned cats and dogs in Crosne, Essonne. Now, 30 years later, she can no longer stay, seeking refuge herself. To confirm Paraguay. Stop the destruction of the Pavetti Park, ancient district of Santísima Trinidad, in the city of Asunción; it is a Natural Patrimony of the City and included in the Catalog of Buildings and Sites of Urban, Architectural, Environmental, Historical and Artistic of Asunción! Let’s get to 200,000 sign.! Save the primeval forest with its Wildlife of Białowieża, Poland, Europe, it's invaluable!  Costa Rica, don't export that stockpile of hammerhead shark fins  We want to keep the managed, sterilized Cat-colony in the Town of Schoelcher, Martinique (French overseas area),  these Cats are threatened to be abducted, and most likely killed, despite an agreement signed with the SPA!  Please sign! Russia. Stop the illegal shooting of animals on the streets in the village of Rakhmanovo! Russia.  Logoisk District. We ask you to punish the perpetrators of cruel treatment of animals in the territory of the IC "Triple-Agro"!
Ministry for Animal Protection and Support! The current system is inadequate and incorrect, this should Not be the 'task' of the Min. for Forest and Water Works! Turkey. Request: Zonguldak Alaplı Hospice animal deaths have to be prevented, no more neglect, no more poor conditions. Apply the 5199 animal rights law Spain. Murcia. Allow us to manage, control and feed a cat colony in Algezares Russia. Shelters needed in Volgograd for the homeless dogs and cats, with neutering programs, treatment and adoption..... End Experimental Testing on Dogs by the VA! Demand CCTV in Slaughterhouses Now! More sign. please! South Korea: Protect All Dogs From The Cruel Dog Meat Industry Don't Let Trump Drive Yellowstone's Grizzlies Extinct. Needs a few more sign.! Stop Seismic Blasts #SaveTheWhales! More sign. please Dog-Killer Michael Vick Does Not Deserve His New Job Stand with John Oliver Against Big Coal!
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Petitions and More, August 30 Tweetsheet. After each tweet, click right on the upper arrow to the left and choose the sheet again Please send an email on behalf of the Wolves of Washington State REACH is the largest animal testing program in the world. Act and call for the European Commission to end animal experiments and take further action to promote animal-free methods for REACH! US-info. Don't gut Superfund cleanup programs, no to funding cuts in HR3354 Update.  Dr. Pyo Changwon states: “Dog meat consumption is illegal. We must take steps to ban dog meat before the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics” Spain. Protect the Wolves, stop killing them,  no to the population control protocol! Argentina. Buenos Aires. Immediately close the dreadful Hogar de Lourdes animal pound for it's atrocious treatment of cats Mexico. Please appoint Lic. Jose Luis Carranza as director of the Animal Care Agency of the CDMX, promoter of animal adoption and especially committed to the animal cause Turkey.  Request to increase the number of free animal hospitals in Ankara and the number of vehicles serving for emergencies Russia.  Close this dogpound in Mytishchi, Chelobitevo where hundreds of animals are kept in horrible conditions, no roof and floor, unsanitary conditions, enterocolitis, enteritis, and incomprehensible animal deaths, including poisoning, while ‘management ‘ is paid for the care! Spain. Prohibit the use of palm oil in daily food products Spain.  Endorse this proposal to describe deliberate fires as acts of terrorism, to persecute those responsible until their capture and to judge them as terrorists
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Wolves of Washington State. In the Shadow of the Wolf

Tweetsheet and letter to send. For the letter you can use your own words

Subject: The Wolves of Washington State
Dear Director Unsworth and Mr. Martorello:
The ongoing lethal removal of wolves to stop depredations on livestock grazing on public lands in known wolf territory is not acceptable and frankly an abomination.
The state’s policy calls for wolves to be widely distributed throughout Washington, and the slow progress toward meeting statewide recovery goals can easily be attributed to lethal measures utilized to protect livestock.
The fact that Washington, home to over 7 million people, well over 1 million cattle, and approximately 50,000 plus sheep, can not allow room for a little over 100 wolves is just plain outrageous.
Ranchers getting subsidized forage on our public lands, reimbursement for losses due to depredation, as well as grazing livestock near known wolf habitat should gracefully accept their losses and/or terminate their lease.
Our public lands and ecosystems should not be sacrificed for the private profit of individuals.
Study after study has demonstrated that grazing of livestock, ment to be slaughtered, depresses virtually all species of wildlife, and on western rangelands has probably had a greater adverse impact on wildlife populations than any other single factor.
We all have a responsibility to the Earth, our environment, and our wildlife, including wolves. It is far past time for the health of our planet and the survival of our co-inhabitants to be of the utmost importance; our focus should be on eliminating that which degrades our forests and other public lands and destroys our ecosystems.
The ongoing slaughter of our wildlife at the interest of private businesses needs to come to a full stop.

Petitions and More, August 29

France. Colmar en Alsace. Justice for the tortured and mutilated Cat, find the sadist who did this! No to the fox-breeding farms, foxes force-fed to death for the production of a "perfect" fur! 5 Finnish "farms" would use despicable methods to produce more fur, sold under the trademark Saga Furs, bought by  Gucci, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. To confirm France. No to a farm factory of 4000 cows in Saône et Loire! More petitions for animal welfare, if not signed yet If not signed yet. Large-scale deforestation and land clearing is once again on the rise in Australia, thanks to the severe weakening of land clearing laws by state governments! Canada-ZIP. Strengthen Canada’s environmental laws South Africa. At stake is the lives of thousands of cats on Transnet properties around South Africa. In many cases these cats are managed and fed, and form a valuable part of the urban environment. If feeding is withheld the cats will starve. If the cats are removed, they will be euthanised. Either way, this directive is a threat of death hanging over the heads of thousands of cats! Colombia. It is time for Bogota's animals to have dignity! The "street" animals of Bogotá have suffered the worst mistreatment and abuses by misfits. This request seeks to make a plan for the collection, medical treatment, and subsequent adoption of these animals! Spain. We need a law that makes it possible to save animals from balconies, flats, houses who are in danger, without a court order! Mexico. Universidad Michoacana: Justice for Jack! No more cruel practices in Veterinary Medicine! Russia. Do not euthanize the 3 bears at the cafe Central Shelekhov, relocate them to a suitable environment Spain.  Xunta de Galicia, Villa Peixiño needs your support for 150 dogs! We need a property in Vigo or surroundings to continue to chip, vaccinate, sterilize and deworm the animals! Germany. Labeling on meat packages in view of the catastrophic impact of meat consumption on the environment, the climate, animals and people Brazil. Against Animal maltreatment at the central market in Belo Horizonte Stop Seismic Blasts #SaveTheWhales Tell Congress: Regulate Dangerous Pesticides
             ========   News and more   ========  Officials promised today to fast-track the Yellowstone mining timeout and extend it for 20 years, but we're keeping out eyes on the prize: Permanently protecting Yellowstone, forever  Sea Shepherd Global Newsletter September 2017


Monday, August 28, 2017

Petitions and More, August 28  Needs 100,000 sign. Animal Rights calls on both the Flemish and Dutch authorities to make more money available for research on alternatives. It is high time to replace animal tests with modern animal-proof-free techniques! Click both boxes Needs 50,000 sign. Save the last Mexican Gray Wolves from extinction!  If not signed yet. With my signature I demand from the Austrian and the German government a statutory anchoring of an absolute prohibition of unstunned (halal) slaughter!  Irish Government, it is now time to replace live hare coursing with drag coursing! Tell JPMorgan Chase to Defund Tar Sands Pipelines!
Completely unexpected for all organizations, the killing of dogs was announced to make room for more 'street' dogs in the municipal Unirea Animal Dogpound! Several organizations from Germany, Romania and Norway have invested vast amounts of donations, energy, labor and time these last few years to support a city committed to animal welfare....Protest please! Russia. Chebarkul. Justice for the dog bashed to death by 2 ‘men’ in the village of Verkhniye Karasi! France. Act now, justice for the abandoned American Staffordshire Terrier, tied up, starved to death ! Italy. Object to the planning of a new mega intensive farming project in the area of ​​Finale Emilia e Bondeno ! Spain. Intentionally causing Forest Fires is an act of Terrorism Italy. More than 117,579 hectares were destroyed by fire, over 40 million wildlife animals  have already lost their lives, please intervene promptly by suspending the 2017/2018 hunting season! Turkey. New protest against the sadist posting animal cruelty online (have this kitten treated...) Protest! Brazil. Pres. Temer extinguishes the reserve in the Amazon to expand mineral exploration! Brazil. Save the deer of Pampa Sáfari from being killed, no proof is given for tuberculosis! Turkey. Protest against the intentional fire setting in Ayvalık Islands Nature Park, destroying 20 hectares Germany. Stop the bee killing, we need a different kind of agriculture! Lidl, take the products for vegans permanently up in your assortment Needs more attention! Stop the Use of Cyanide Land Mines that Kill Wildlife! As well. Save the Last Mexican Gray Wolves from Extinction
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Petitions and More, August 26  Appeal for Protest Against the 1080 Genocide, starting August 31 Say No to Rodeo’s in Quebec! Each year, the Calgary Stampede—Canada’s largest rodeo—sends at least 20 horses to slaughter after they fail to qualify for bucking events. Numerous other animals are injured or killed every year during the Stampede, especially during the steer wrestling and calf roping events 1) End Cruel "Turkey Drop" in Arkansas 2) Reject World Dog Show in China! Urge Impossible Foods and Hampton Creek to Stop Testing on Animals!  Scroll down. Urge International Retailer SSENSE to Stop Selling Fur! Tell Pier 1 Imports to sell only down-free items that don't cause ducks to suffer! Speak up for the animals suffering at the hands of Brown University's laboratories! Urge the USDA to Revise Regulations to End the Automatic Renewal of Licenses Issued to Chronic Violators! Scroll down to sign. Urge Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Suffering Animals to Reputable Sanctuaries! Protest by signing please! The Białowieża forest in eastern Poland will be cut down, the State has granted approval. It is Europe's last virgin forest. The Białowieża Forest is the home of lynx, wolf and the last wild bison in Europe. Show your solidarity with the protesters! France. Protest against the keeping of sheep and goats in an industrial area on concrete in Cannes la Bocca! To confirm Owners of animals and the local population of Dunkerque and Loon-Plage have the right to be correctly informed about heavy metals contamination  Urge the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to guide stronger protection for nature across the Greater Golden Horseshoe! These all need more signatures ZIP=5 digits. Reject Sam Clovis as the USDA's top scientist Russia. BANO "Eco" in Tver: how the dog catchers earn budgetary millions with their "death factory" , a concentration camp for dying animals in Tver! We demand to punish the guilty! Brazil. No to mining in an area of ​​4 million hectares located in Amapá and Pará, being of ​​environmental preservation ! Brazil. President Temer, the Amazon deserves respect! Down with decree nº 9.142, liberating a huge area of ​​the Amazon for mining! Give the Cloud Rat a Safe Haven on Dinagat Island Tell the U.S. Postal Service to Ban Shipments of Live Animals
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Petitions and More, August 25 Every year an estimated 30,000 pets are shot by hunters in Austria, even if the animal is only a few hundred meters away from his home (in the case of cats); there is also no obligation to report it! The Austrian Animal Protection Association therefore calls for a ban on the shooting of domestic animals! Will be confirmed;jsessionid=00000000.app362a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=7428 US-info. Stop the puppy mill cover-up, cosponsor H.R. 1368/S. 503 to require the USDA to restore animal welfare records ! Speak up for the animals suffering at the hands of Brown University's laboratories US-info. Public lands logging bill could undesignate Wildernesses in Oregon! US. Call your Senator. The Trump administration is recommending action to reduce protections on an unspecified number of our most incredible parks and public lands Canada-info. Protect Fish and Their Habitat Turkey. On animal torture and rape. Nobody has the right to do these things; if people are given a deterrent punishment, there's hope these events will be reduced Turkey. Mersin. Protest. Protect Yasemin Açık and her spayed, vaccinated cats from their enemies, trying to have the animals destroyed! Russia. Remove the slowly dying bears from  "Genatsvale" cafe near the village of Shalaevo, Yaroslavl highway,relocate them into a reserve, and create a law prohibiting the keeping of wild animals in unacceptable conditions! Spain. Protest! Catalonia is promoting a proposal of solidarity in honor of the victims of the terrorist attack on Las Ramblas in the Bullfighting ring with 'well-known' bullfighters!  We want to live without torture, with respect and without hurting anyone, this is the wrong place, wrong message! Turkey. Denizli, Dalaman River, stop fish dying because of pollution Restore the ecological flow needed to maintain the ecosystems mentioned, as set out in the Canary Islands Water Law, the Canary Islands Hydrological Plan and the European Water Framework Directive Save the Last Remaining Hooded Grebes Save RHS Garden Wisley and 500 of its important trees under threat from potential Highways England plans
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