Saturday, December 30, 2017

Petitions and More, December 30 1) Elephant Suffers Prolonged Death From Topeka Zoo Negligence 2) Wild Burros Under Threat From Trump's Budget Plan!  Government of Vietnam: Close the Tiger farms! France. Remove the Fox from the list of pests! It is a very useful animal for our ecosystem and farmers!  To confirm Stop The Trump Administration’s Offshore Drilling Assault! Updates. Operation hound: event to end the dog meat trade US-info.  USDA, do not withdraw a regulation that would have set animal welfare standards in organic agriculture! Greece. Requesting a prompt and full investigation into the mass poisoning of cats that took place at Plateia Filomousou Etaireias, Plaka, Athens on the 13th of July 2017! Macedonia. Incl. English text. Implementation and improvement of legislation on domestic and stray animals
 Request for subsidies for the protective entities of the province of
Coruña, they must commit to animal protection policies, and a fundamental first step is to call for aid to finance veterinary actions, the improvement of shelters, hiring of caregivers or adapted vehicles
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Friday, December 29, 2017

Petitions and More, December 29 and Retweets for HR1406 and HRes401 against the dog and cat meat trade Sign, and return to ‘Petitionen’, Petitions More signatures please. The Netherlands. Minister Sigrid Kaag of Foreign Trade, stop supporting this worldwide system of animal suffering! Current actions, if not signed yet (US-info) Petition for an improved better Animal Protection Act in Croatia Show Your Support for the Fur Farming Ban in Flanders, send your message  Help Us Change the Hunting Law in Croatia Stop Experiments on Primates in Europe Ban on Using Horses for Dragging Logs Petition for the Reform of Veterinary Inspection Mexico. No more dying and dogs being killed in the dogpounds! Update Fox brutally attacked and killed in Cork garden, send/post your message!
We have achieved a small result, a step forward in Russia: President Putin will strengthen penalties for those who exercise cruelty on animals. A decision that many countries should take, including Italy Russia. Allow NPOs to file claims on behalf of animals ( there will be no state institution in Russia authorized to speak on behalf of animals and to represent in court if their rights are violated, which so far happens quite often) ! Russian experiment. Protest. Distressing footage appears to show a dog 'breathing' underwater in a Russian experiment (not in Serbia) Russia. Violence towards and enslavement of animals should be punishable under the law! Russia. Against the huge landfill in the age-old forest with abundant wildlife near the rural settlement of Filippovskoe of the Kirzhachsky district, Vladimir region! Italy. Give a voice to the animals, inserting a specific chapter in the national program of M5S, for the next political elections , to be written with the support of the spokesmen elected in parliament (above all Paul Bernini ), animal activists and animal welfare associations! France. Stop the mutilations caused by (often useless) painful means of identification for animals, sheep, goats, and start using the alternatives instead of these ear indicators!  Tattooers should be punished according to the laws on cruelty to animals of Ukraine Protect Westchester Families from Secondhand Smoke: Require Emissions Filters for Restaurants that Burn Wood near Residences
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Petitions and More, December 28 Stop Yulin, China- finally finish this horrific dog meat 'festival'! Needs 500,000 signatures   From Riley Chi, retweets for HR1406! Once again. US-info. Tell Congress: No Anti-Wildlife Provisions in 2018 Budget! France. Against closing the SPA de Valdelancourt 52 in June 30 2018, the only refuge for dogs and cats in this department, with many volunteers! To confirm  ZIP=5 digits. Stand up to Trump’s dangerous and radical anti-environment agenda Netherlands. For a stop on meat advertising! Russia. Stop the mass poisoning of animals in the City - Kislovodsk Resort! Italy. Stop the hunting massacre of foxes (a thousand!) next January in the Novarese,  find alternative solutions, capture them to transfer to other territories! Thailand. Close the Khao Yai Road during the night, reduce accidents with wildlife, help save wild animals at Khao Yai! Mexico. Petition to save the lives of the Bulls  (Dec. 12...) Catholic church Argentina. Save the Teyú Cuaré park and it's fauna and flora, it is part of the UNESCO heritage! France. Mare du Givout of 2600 m² and endangered biodiversity: Do not endanger this pond by digging activities! Urge South Korea to End the Dog Meat Trade! Protect Southern forests from being clearcut to fuel Europe's power plants!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Petitions and More, December 27 Send a letter by email to the office of Scott Perry, Pennsylvania, Cosponsored H.R.2327 - PAWS Act of 2017  (Copy/paste or make your own please) Russia. We demand the Law on the Protection of Animals against Cruel Treatment! It was adopted by the State Duma on December 1, 1999 and approved by the Federation Council, but Vladimir Vladimirovich, vetoed it! City of Dushanbe. Protect the homeless animals in Tajikistan against inhumane destruction, shooting homeless animals, wounded dogs and cats being killed in front of everyone with improvised means (batons, crowbars, etc.), increasing violence! Use humane ways while implementing the UN Global Initiative "Safe and Friendly Cities for All"......! One answer, update Turkey. Fatih Education Faculty of the Technical University. Justice for Tobi, Nazli and 3 other dogs, cared for by students at the campus, disappeared, refusal to show the recording on camera’s or to give any info about their fate! Russia.  Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic of Cherkessk. Justice for this dog (and all others!), find this torturer who unloaded the animal, almost lifeless, skinned, kicked to death by teenagers. The camera should have recorded this! Russia. Close the ‘Bird market’ , MKAD, the 14th kilometer, 23  in Moscow Belarus. Prohibit the activities of mobile dolphinariums in Belarus by law!
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Petitions and More, December 26 The undersigned call for inclusion of the American mink in the list of invasive species. Keeping and breeding of such species is prohibited. A listing would be an important step towards a Europe-wide fur farm ban. Confirm please  More petitions, if not signed yet Demanding that fundamental measures be taken against the growth of breeding dogs in the territory of the Czech Republic including effective control! Name, surname, email, click, send Once more. Every year millions of dogs become victims of the dog meat trade in Asia, speak out against the cruel dog meat trade! Against the project of systematic extermination of stray dogs in Reunion! To confirm France. Elected representatives of the Republic, associations, souls of good will, find this rescuer of thousands of animals, Jeanine Poullain who has to leave her place at  Crosne, Essonne, a new shelter and place to live!  Needs more attention. France. Create a unique emergency number to call, and an effective team, worthy of the name, to act and save valuable time in cases of emergency regarding animal abuse, which would avoid many tragic ends for animals! End the scandal with pregnant cows (the fate of calves) France. Vaccine freedom - against the measures put in place for FCO-4, blue-tongue, presenting no risk to the consumer but it  blocks the movement of animals, causes clogging of farms and unnecessarily destroys thousands of animals! France. Exemplary punishment for these dog torturers in the Loiret, near Montargis, under the Criminal Code, numerous mistreatments that resulted in the death of nearly 400 cocker spaniels! Italy. We boycott Carrefour for unworthy behavior of his staff! What a shame, gruesome selfies with the remains of a newly slaughtered animal! Peru. We request the videos of the municipality of San Martin to find the killer of my dog! Uruguay. We, animal protectors, want to be well represented in the Uruguayan parliament
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Monday, December 25, 2017

Petitions and More, December 25;jsessionid=00000000.app328b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=7440 More attention please! US-info. I urge you to vocally oppose HR 3599, HR 2887 and any similar attacks on state and local measures protecting animals and consumers that may arise in the House or Senate! Only With Your Help By RetweetingThey Will Have a Chance to Be Protected ! Please help cosponsor HR1406, against dog and cat meat in the USA! Please, retweet!  Needs 200,000 sign.!  Zinke: Do not allow trophy hunters to kill Zimbabwe's elephants! Tell these bands to cancel their performances at Praise Wave Russia. Establish public control over the SALW dogpounds in Kazan where animals are injected with poison or starved to death, instead of being spayed and neutered, put back, or adopted, with state budget!  We ask you to stop this horrific cruelty and inhumane treatment of these animals and charge the perpetrators under article 145 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation! Russia. Please accept the law toughening the punishment for those who committed violence against animals Israel. Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel: Stop The LIve Cattle Shipments! Mexico. Open up shelters for the animals affected by the earthquake in the states of Puebla and Morelos Colombia. Ministry of the Interior. Asking for support to finance private animal shelters under strict conditions! France. Collective against the extension of the Septfonds pigsty factory farm in the Tarn-et-Garonne, to accommodate 6,500 animals! Haiti: Laws to protect terrestrial and marine animals, no to animal abuse!
Misleading, scroll down to report the petition!  XXXXXXXXXXXXX Target? France. Investigate Madame Valérie Buquet Pasquier Pouhai, in Saint-Georges-De-La-Couée in the Pays de la Loir, breeder, 'daycare', raising sick puppies, treating them as goods  Environmental pact to join Rio de Janeiro. End the use of fireworks and bombs Montenegro, picture and comments (Croatian) To send requests. Owner unknown?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Petitions and More, December 23 More signatures please. Stop This Heartless Bobcat Hunt! Add your name Once more. Pledge to Take Extinction Off Your Plate: less meat, no meat at all! If not signed yet. Ban unstunned slaughter in the Netherlands 1) Save Ballona Wetlands from Massive Bulldozing! 2) Stop Dairy Industry From Forcing Milk Down School Kids' Throats  Refuse to Host ‘The Great Bear Show’ Again  Say No to Scotland's First Caviar Farm Please Investigate Taiwan's Pigeon Races for Violations of Animal-Protection Laws  Request for amendments to the German Animal Welfare Act. - Animals must finally be recognized as sentient beings – Cruel animal husbandry must be prohibited- Animal cruelty must be considered a crime, severely punished! Please sign, share as much as possible, needs at least 25,000 signatures!
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