Saturday, October 17, 2015

Petitions and More, October 17  Urgent Appeal to Upgrade #ZimbabweElephants, please take 5 minutes to copy and paste this appeal and send it to ! Write to your Leaders, MP, Govenors, Organisations to ask them to join forces and Stop the Trade! Ban all trade in Ivory immediately! Germany, hunting dogs and foxes, immediate closure of the stone/rock plant in Südlohn-Oeding, NO exemption for animal cruelty! Confirm please! Tweet and Insta Storm, on behalf of the wild ones! Save the Bears! After signing, click on inicio (top), scroll down to sign all others! Turkey. Dalaman Municipality. Either resign, under the violation of the Animal Protection Act of 5199, poisoned stray animals, or deal correctly with the suffering of these abandoned animals Russia, Gov. of the Moscow region, district Balashikha, Stop the abuse of animals in Balashikha, remove this sick, twisted, sadistic person, Valentin Mamontov, and his hell-'shelter' ! Stop the persecution and mass shooting and killing of Dogs in Sibay! Russia. Stop the persecution and mass shooting of Dogs in the Krasnodar Territory! Russia. Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg. Stop the cold-blooded murder of animals! Russia. We ask to toughen punishment for (stray) animal murderers and increase the extent of criminal liability! Russia. Pass the law on criminal responsibility for the killing of Dogs! Russia, a law against the killing of Wild Animals in Siberia! Russia, stop the discussion on the draft law for mandatory mass insurance of Pets (so Insurance Co. can make more money!) and forced chipping, do not let it enter into force! Francois Hollande: Stop the planned killing of 36 or more of the endangered wolves in the saison 2015/20156 NOW!!! USA – Stop Allowing Trafficking of Angora Rabbit Products That Promotes Animal Abuse USDA - Investigate Treatment of Dolphins at Miami Seaquarium
         ==========  News and more   ======== Vote YES please! Are employees of the slaughterhouse Ales, France, accomplices of cruelty and mistreatment of animals? Upload below your selfie and show that you’re against the extinction of elephants, rhinos and lions! Local authorities have announced they intend to continue to hold the Nem Thuong Pig Slaughter festival!  Sea Shepherd Australia A non-profit organization dedicated to providing permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, the entertainment industry, and the pet trade


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