Monday, October 19, 2015

Petitions and More, October 19 If not signed yet. Merck, finish your cooperation with farms, using the hormone PMSG from the drained blood of pregnant mares kept in boxes in South America, which is sold to increase meat production in the meat industry! More signatures needed, confirm afterwards! Request the local government to finally legalize the shelter at Santorini, do not leave over 80 dogs to cruelly die in the streets! AU-info as well, scroll down to sign  Click on ‘inicio’ after signing, scroll down for more petitions
Disable Tomohon Market, PasarTomohon, Stop the torture of these animals (dogs, for dog meat)! Turkey. Sariyer Municipality Animal 'Rehabilitation' Center, this is criminal, the gendarmerie and the municipal authorities are said to prevent rescue efforts and inside there are close to 200 cats and dogs left to die! Indonesia. Close the wildlife markets in Jatinegara, Scouts and Barito, it's prohibited under Law No. 5 of 1990, stop freely trading in Jatinegara Market, Market Scouts and Barito Market in Jakarta! Turkey. Stop Hunting tourism, cancel the contracts/licenses for the killing of animals! Russia, Irkutsk region, in view of the below in connection with article 245 of Chapter 25 of Part II of Section IX of the Penal Code, the demand to stop animal cruelty and to punish the perpetrators as soon as possible, and allow volunteers Russia, St. Petersburg. Create a (caring) shelter for stray dogs in St. Petersburg, due to the irresponsible behavior of pet owners the number of homeless is increasing, winter is coming, protect them from the cold and from abuse Russia. Allocation of land needed for the creation and opening of a shelter for stray animals in the city of science Korolev, Moscow Region Russia. We demand an immediate decision about the federal law "On the responsibility of handling Animals", the draft of which has passed its first reading and is now in the State Duma! Russia. Spend those 2.5 million roebels from the budget to shoot stray Dogs, on the construction of Animal shelters ... Russia.  Stop the poisoning of Animals by rat-poison! Russia. Protect animals from poachers in the Oka Reserve! Russia. Requirement for verification/investigation of an Animal 'shelter', named  'Stalker' Moskovschina and administration officials Shelekhov district, to identify financial fraud (and animal abuse) Spain. European Ombudsman, become involved in the treatment of Animals in Spain, especially in the kennel Geser of Jerez, where they are abused and mistreated’ France. We need to get a proper local person, making it possible to feed stray Cats, to trap them to be sterilized (the'guardians' of Vosgelis systematically put the bowls and the shelters in the trash) Animals are killed cruelly, and poisoned
put an End to the "tope de Toros" in the ‘festivities’! Brazil, vote against the Bill of Rodeos! (PL No. 1494/2015) Argentina. Prohibit the Doma Gaucha where the free Cordoba Horses  are caught and punished to submitment Netherlands. Close the rabbit farm in Raalte. Extending Hendriks Rabbit farm is unacceptable! (He will probably move eastwards in Europe, much less animal welfare inspections over there) Indonesia. Stop PT Gorga Duma Sari, Save Forests Tele, Lake Toba and Batak Cultural-Historical Sites, wildlife, environment Russia. Prohibit seizing dogs, cats and other pets of debtors for 'debt collection' Russia. Investigate the veterinary clinic Belanty (Scherbinka.Novaya Moscow and Moscow ul.brateevskaya), where, due to negligence and not being qualified, animals die France. Create a Ministry/department for Animal Defence Demand Congress to stop the illegal hunting, killing, capturing of wild animals by passing the Global Anti-Poaching Act! Demand Congress to pass the Global Anti-Poaching Act and stop wildlife trafficking!
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