Thursday, October 8, 2015

Petitions and More, October 8 Stop the barbaric culling of Dogs in Azerbaijan! Help guide the future of Washington’s Wildlife! Comments can also be made on WDFW’s website through October 31, 2015, by email at Oregon-info! Deadline Oct. 9. Urge the ODFW Commission to vote NO on the proposal to allow the use of hounds and neck snares to cruelly and indiscriminately kill cougars on 6,236 square miles of Oregon's lands, in designated "target zones" ! Call or email please, subject: Spring Racing, reduce the significant number of racehorses sent to knackeries and slaughterhouses!
More sign. please  Elephants, tourist rides, Thomas Cook Group Romania, Punishment of the 3 men who severely mistreated a Dog with a rusty ax! Confirm please (maybe in the spam box) Petitions for Animals, if not signed yet Paraguay, Establish the National Defence Law for Health and Animal Welfare! Turkey, Ashkali locality, Çaykö Erzurum-Erzincan highway township on the edge of the highway, 300 meters apart, right and left two dead bears, we want justice for them  Brazil, tougher laws against the practice of crimes against animals, from ill-treatment by the criminal trade in wild animals, most of which die before reaching their destination
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