Monday, August 31, 2015

Petitions and More, August 31 Petition for New Mexico's Endangered Wolves! Update, Serbia, Novi Sad, demand dismissal of the whole veterinarian management. The abuse and killing of animals is punishable by law but hardly anyone was jailed for more than 6 months, that's why we seek an increase in sentence, and for justice in more recent cases. Confirm please Italy, we want shelters for Dogs and Cats in Agropoli, where they are safe from ‘humans’! ZIP code? Fish and Fish Product Import Provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act
Brasil, Federal Deputy Ricardo Izar - CPI Rapporteur of cruelty to animals: Save the animals in the Bosque de São José do Rio Preto! US-info. 1 action for Horses, 1 for Hens Immediately remove the disgusting community Pro Animal Abuse Society PAAS from your social network ! Those bloody (people) promote abuse and violence on children and animals ! The members are crazy pedophiles and sociopaths! Spain, Lleida, Segrià, ethical management of Feline colonies, which involves implementing the CES (Capture, sterilization and release) and control for good care! Mexico, Jalisco, Justice for the mistreatment of the dog Foxy,  and rehabilitationof the pitbull dog at Salvador protection Put America's Lion - the Cougar - on the Endangered Species List Dan Ashe, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) We demand the FBI and INTERPOL to investigate the corruption inside CITES about elephant export permits to China Subsidize Fruits and Vegetables While Removing Subsidies for the Meat Industry in Starke County, Indiana Stop murder of innocent cats of Bay 40/east bound Belt Parkway by urging NYC TRAFFIC DEPT to install speed bumps
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Petitions and More, August 29

More signatures please Send your message please, again. Upgrade lions to Endangered Status! UPDATE: Signatures were sent to the District Attorney And Sheriff. The owner also has a copy of the signatures. Today in court people learned that there is a petition regarding this case and it will hopefully be taken into consideration. Next court appearance will be in September 16 at 1:30 Civil Guard is asking citizens to work together to find the person responsible for leaving sausage with pins in some areas of Villaralbo, Zamora Scroll down for other petitions, if not signed yet Prohibit hunters to shoot Dogs and Cats! Confirm please TUI, make a stand against the Whale massacre, STOP tourist-traveling to the Faroe Islands, as AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd do! US-info. Help Make Three Sisters Springs A True Winter Sanctuary For Manatees Stop torture and unimaginable torture of bears on Chinese farms! Incl. English text. Madeira: the everlasting spring for Animals - is in fact a severe winter; ignorance to the suffering of animals, politically, the killing of animals is being subsidized! Italy, Avola, Justice for Tigrotta and all other poisoned Dogs! Utah Wildlife managers have decided to add 32 cougar hunting permits while experts strongly warn against this Save elephants: support the U.S. ivory ban! Congress: make bison our national mammal
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Petitions and More, August 28 Tweetstorm Close down Moran Dog-meat market, Seongnam, Aug. 29! Once more: Home Secretary, do the right thing for dogs by refusing to grant this unethical facility an establishment licence! ZIP=5 digits. End Greyhound Races at Macau's Canidrome! Scroll down to support this petition! ZIP=5 digits. Night Fishing Kills Dolphins;jsessionid=CC3B9BF31C2852DA1AF3A7C73706F01C.app304a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3833 Demand Shell's CEO, Ben van Beurden, to call off his company's reckless drive to drill the Arctic! Russia,  Inspect the 'shelter' in the Irkutsk Region relations K-9, at Irkutsk ul.Karpinskaya, 125 and its 'manager' Slavin, on criminal and administrative liability for cruel treatment of animals!
let Olot again be at the forefront in the world of animal defense, stop Bulls events! Brazil, We need a veterinary hospital funded by public funds in order to help these animals that deserve our attention, in Porto Velho (RO)
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Petitions and More, August 27 ZIP=5 digits. Congress, protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! ZIP=5 digits. Maintain Protections for Oregon's Wolves!  Help Save Isle Royale's Wolves! Deadline Aug. 29! Easy to follow instructions  Declaration of solidarity: I support the land owners who do NOT want to condone hunting on their property!
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