Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Petitions and More, October 28,News2 Please take a stand for Mexican wolf recovery with a letter to the editor! (Santa Fe New Mexican f.e.) Tweetsheet, Indonesia burning, protect endangered species!  After signing, click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Urge Tyson Foods to stop torturing animals and to adopt a meaningful animal welfare policy  European policymakers: Burning forests for electricity hurts our communities, environment, and climate. It’s time to stand with us: Save Our Southern Forests EU. Greyhounds, galgo’s, podenco’s martyrdom in Spain through barbaric practices; we demand national, not provincial, rules concerning the defense of animal rights; penalties and tougher sanctions than those established in the Spanish code for abuse and abandonment of animals, and worse Call, email the Attorney General's office, ask them to open an investigation into the case against Robert Gibson, and the injustices and corruption regarding the Jane Smith case in Wayne County, Ohio. Paul Scarsella, Special Prosecutor, 614-644-0729, Brazil. Mayor of Caratinga, we live in a rented place and were asked to vacate the premises within 90 days, we have no place to house the Dogs! Please donate a place for a shelter! Spain. Consell Comarcal del Pla de l'Estany, we want a humane plan for the animals in the municipal dog pound, change hands, change the example! Turkey. ‘Hospice’ and Üsküdar. Dog pound: Animal neglect and deaths caused by poor conditions, we want you to prevent this by making the changes below! Please, take steps at a European level for a consistent shift in livestock farming for the benefit of the animals Stop deadly transport of Monkeys by Air France!
No more animal abuse! Apply Law 17,918 / 2013! Russia. Discontinue the development of the bill on limiting the number of pets in apartments! Spain. Petitioning Canal + and 3 others, Movistar. Stop broadcasting animal abuse! Support the Protection of Canada's Wolves Urge Germany to Block the Import of Tusks from Nkombo - the Giant Elephant Shot by a German Hunter Demand Japan Adheres to International Law and Respects the International Court's Jurisdiction over Whaling Save the Endangered Snow Leopard from Climate Change Now
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