Friday, October 30, 2015

Petitions and More, October 30

BLM Illegally Sells Protected Wild Horses for Slaughter: Hold Them Accountable Today! Obama Administration Revokes Drilling Leases, Now Let's Protect the Gulf and the Atlantic Once more. UK-info. Ask your MP to sign EDM 153, Mandatory Installation of CCTV in Slaughterhouses! Final closure of the slaughterhouse in France, and prosecution of those responsible! More attention needed, confirm please An appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka to pass the Animal Welfare Bill! Ivory trade. Re-write the future of Elephants Global pledge for Wildlife  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Commissioner CaƱete, Europe,  engage in concrete animal product reduction targets! Confirm please France. We demand the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry on slaughter methods for meat animals! Russia. Moscow. We demand to stop the chaos/inhumane treatments in shelters managed by the contractor - Bano EKO Peru. Chalhuani, Abancay, Apurimac region, this village has a long history of cruelty to animals. Every year, during a religious celebration dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called Virgen de la Asuncion, people tie a dog to a bull during the local bullfight! Spain. Gov. of La Rioja. We demand a dignified life for the chained Dogs at the Caserio furniture factory in Recajo Italy,  Mayor and City Council of Monreale, Sicily, the scandal of letting dogs starve to death, resign! Each year thousands of bulls are cruelly mistreated in various rodeos throughout Chile, end the rodeo’s in Chile! Malta. Provide water and shade for the thirsty horses Animal welfare is not just a word for TASSO but is a socio-political responsibility, revise the registration guidelines Government, Instigate One Kilometre Exclusion Zones Around all Leadbeater's Possum Colonies Government, Stop a Residential Development that Will Destroy Vital Habitat of the Powerful Owl and Gang-Gang Cockatoo President Obama: Reject Keystone XL before the Paris climate conference Government, Protect Seagrass Meadows to Help Preserve Sea-Life and Mitigate Climate Change
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