Thursday, October 15, 2015

Petitions and More, October 15  Apple, change for a period of at least four weeks the browser name from "Safari" to "Stop Safari hunting"  After signing, please click on ‘inicio’' and scroll down for all other petitions! France, No to the closure of the North Cause Animal Refuge in Sainghin-en-Mélantois, still taking more signatures! Mr Turnbull - Stop the Super Trawlers! Minister Turnbull, we need you to urgently cancel the Reef-wrecking Carmichael mine and rail project and rule out using taxpayer money to fund it!  France, Stop the agonizing Animal cruelty in the abattoir during slaughter at Ales (Gard)! Horses, regaining consciousness on the slaughter line, pigs suffocated violently, lambs, sheep and cattle slaughtered with knives while fully conscious! Mexico, Tijuana, stop the slaughter of dogs and cats in the Tijuana pound and start a program based on sterilizations, and a center for animal welfare and ethical control! Colombia, Medellin, place ‘Pugedons’, machines that give food to stray animals, on public roads! Russia, stop the ruthless massacre of Dogs! Build (caring) state shelters for homeless animals
 Spain, a law against animal abuse in movies and series Stop The Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs at Flea Markets Belgium: Delicious Dogs wants to sell Dog meat for human consumption! Is this a malicious hoax?  (The slaughter of dogs and cats in the Netherlands and Belgium is prohibited by law, but it is not prohibited to eat dog and cat meat...)
                  =======  News and more   ========= Wolf hunters active in the French Alps. The wolf is a protected species under the Berne Convention and European law! Hunting is banned, but limited, targeted culls are allowed. Farmers are compensated for each sheep that is killed France, acts of cruelty on animals: the mayor of Ales ordered the closure of the municipal slaughterhouse Zimbabwe, Hwange park, rescues


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