Monday, December 11, 2017

Petitions and More, December 11 UK:  Please End All Cruel Fur Imports! Take Action Now to Prevent a Devastating Increase in Animal Testing in the EU! Retweets for Dolphins, Taiji, Japan! Nr. 8 is too long, copy/paste and delete Take action, Animal cruelty should be taken seriously and the punishment should fit the crime – abuse an animal, go to jail! Animal testing in the EU: we want a parliamentary inquiry committee! Scroll down to sign please Stop these atrocious animal sacrifices during the 'Tamil Festival' on Reunion Island! To confirm  Indian minister of tourism, it's time to end elephant rides! No more rainforest destruction for Tokyo 2020 Olympics!  Indonesia. Asia Pulp and Paper, take action to protect forests and defend human rights!  PepsiCo: No Exploitation for Snack Food  PepsiCo and Kraft Heinz, stop the destruction of critical forests like the Leuser Ecosystem  US-info. Congress: Don't sell out people and the planet to help the super-rich!  Stop the Trump Administration from destroying Chaco Culture National Historical Park!  Spain. Junta de Andalucia. Stop baiting, fencing in, hunting, eradicating (wild) animals in La Zagaleta, Benahavis, Malaga, for the most luxurious urbanization in Europe!  Turkey. Eyüpsultan Municipality. Dogs are taken to the dogpound of Kisirkaya.The purpose of the Act is to provide a comfortable life for animals with appropriate treatment Brazil. Celebrating 40 years of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, UNESCO, the Brotherhood Campaign is to discuss far-reaching actions  Paraguay. Request to improve living conditions of wildlife, kept for tourists, or relocate them...... MMRCL & Govt. of Maharashtra, find an alternate spot for the MM3 car-shed, instead of Aarey
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Petitions and More, December 9 US-info. Urgent. It's Time to End Horse Slaughter, For Good! The number of House co-sponsors for the SAFE Act (HR 113) has reached 202! We need 218 to have a majority in support of banning horse slaughter in the U.S. and the transportation of American horses to foreign slaughterhouses! Scroll down. Make Sure Your Voice Are Heard by The Politicians Who are Supposed To Represent you! PLS Retweet Asking Them To Cosponsor HRes401 To End The Global Dog&Cat Meat Trade!;jsessionid=00000000.app268b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1002 ZIP=5 digits. University of Missouri, Stop Using Pigs for Emergency Medicine Training!  If not signed yet. Sign against all the senseless suffering of animals for animal testing in the EU! I ask that the Arctic be protected, because in the last 30 years ¾ of its ice has melted More signatures please. Save the saddest bears of Ukraine! Dogs and bears are still being used for hunting and entertainment! 1) Violent Video Leads to Arrest of Texarkana Dog Abuser! 2) Mayors of Florida: Free Lolita from Miami Seaquarium  US-info. Vote for a clean budget bill and vote NO on all poison-pill riders added to the year-end spending package as it heads to the floor Australia. WA Fracking Inquiry Brazil. Sign against Bill 6,268 / 2016 , which, among other things, legalizes the hunting of wild animals in Brazil - a practice that has been banned since 1967 throughout the national territory! In addition to decriminalizing the trafficking of wild animals, the proposal, if approved, will allow the creation of private reserves for the 'sport hunting' of species of the national fauna , such as Onça-Pintada, Caititu, Paca and Lobo-Guará! Turkey. Increased animal abuse and neglect; these crimes should be punished under the Penal Code! Turkey. We need Animal protection police units! Turkey. Stop the animal cruelty in the dogpound of Bilecik! Chile. Remove Art. 8, 9 and 32 of the Cholito Law, which will cause removal of animals from their family, limits the number of pets, rescued animals depending on the size of property, and will fine those who feed abandoned dogs and cats! Spain. Requesting to FENCE the deadly trap for wildlife, animals and people, the Tajo- Segura transfer, one of the largest hydraulic engineering works, with slippery walls! Spain. Barcelona. Stop capturing to kill the pigeons! Brazil. Benevides. Stop the use of loud Fireworks Let's defend the Bardas Norte Park in Neuquén and it's fauna and flora Russia. Make the area a national park (fauna) and protect the interests of small nationalities in Primorsky Krai....... Help women to guard their trees and fight deforestation in Burkina Faso Maryland Department of the Environment: Exelon must be held accountable for its share of Conowingo Dam pollution
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Petitions and More, December 8 US-info. Please support and push for passage of the US Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, H.R. 1406. Animals deserve better! Because giving up is not an option... #HR1406 Please, retweet... Needs even more signatures  Breeding deformed cats such as the Bambino Sphynx, Foldex, Dwelf and Napoleon Fold is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, these breeding practices still take place in the Netherlands. Therefore sign the petition against the breeding of designer cats !  US-info. Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Vote against measures to remove Endangered Species Act protections from Gray Wolves, including HR 424, HR 3668 and S1514!  Define ethical standards that guarantee that animals will not be tormented because it's a worthwhile business!  Say NO to patents on animals! Once again. US-info. Say NO to Faster Chicken Slaughter! Once more.  Zinke: Do not allow trophy hunters to kill Zimbabwe's elephants! I support a big investment in Canada’s protected areas in Budget 2018! I urge you to provide new funding for nature in Canada! Barbie breeds dogs now? Mattel, discontinue the Barbie Newborn Pups Doll immediately  US-info. Protect ocean wildlife by pledging to boycott unsustainably-caught swordfish! Uruguay. Guarantee to stop these atrocities towards animals, stop teaching our children this kind of barbarisme! France. Protest! The ADADA, the oldest association for the defense and protection of (now 325) abused and abandoned donkeys, has been recognized to be of public interest as a public utility since 2008. The disappearance of the subsidized contracts calls into question the very existence of the ADADA!  Mexico. Save and protect the cats colony, stop the poisoning, allow vet's care and sterilization of the abandoned cats and kittens in the Ecological Park of Veracruz, where they keep it rodent free! Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Tell Congress: Don't gut the Antiquities Act!
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Petitions and More, December 7 US-info. Support the FACT Act: Hold government accountable & stop wasteful animal tests! Tell Congress: Don’t Sacrifice Our Environment For Big Polluter Tax Cuts! France.  Fos-sur-Mer. Beaten, humiliated, insulted by the new neighbors, because I'm taking care of Cats! Stop all this relentlessness by those people who do not like Cats! To confirm Netherlands. Stop the intentional, illegal deforming of French Bulldogs! Protect the Fitzroy River US. Make a call. Reject the tax bill scam to drill in the Arctic Refuge! Russia. Tula Region. Stop the cruel killing of homeless animals (and pets, by poisoning) at the expense of taxpayers! Russia. Dismiss deputy director of the Central Housing Administration of Rostov, Center for Stray Animals, Constantine Zagik, and initiate a check of the activities of the CBD management for conditions of animal maintenance and illegal actions in relation to them (murder and bullying)! He is an organizer of the movement of swindlers in the Rostov region and actively promotes cruel treatment of animals (both dogs and cats) on the Internet and everyday life! Russia. We demand real imprisonment for this Gelendzhik murderer! On Dec. 4, 2017 at the GTO of Gelendzhik, a brutal massacre took place of six defenseless homeless dogs,  killed in cold blood and hung in a bloody garland on the fence by the 'guard'! Russia.We request the maximum term (5 years imprisonment) for the killer of the dogs in Krasnodar! Russia. Stop with impunity for killing and wounding animals in Novy Urengoy! We ask for punishment according to Russian law, respectively, according to Art. 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation! 78 (bull)dogs living in awful conditions seized by animal control in Westminster, CA Argentina. Official financial support is needed for the Municipality of General Rodríguez’ La Boyita shelter with more than 150 street dogs where only two people deal with them with the monetary support of just a few! Wickbold, stop the torture of chickens in cages! Pass Animal Welfare Laws in Egypt! Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog's Head! Stop the hunt for the wolf in Södertörn, Stockholm County, Sweden!
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Petitions and More, December 6

To use this list: after signing etc. , click right on the upper arrow pointing to the left, choose the list again  Take action, send a message and/or tweet! US-info. House leadership, do not bring H.R. 4239, the "SECURE American Energy Act," to the floor in its current form.  This bill promotes oil and gas drilling offshore and on public lands regardless of the adverse effects on wildlife and their habitat! US-info. Urgent! Tell the Navy to commit to a reasonable plan that achieves military preparedness while maximizing marine mammal safety! Please Speak out on behalf of billions of chickens ! Italy. Park San Bartolo Authority: immediate suspension of the wild boar hunt in that park, an unacceptable decision! Elephants Beaten and Bullied Into Giving Tourists Rides
If you’re logged in automatically, please logout, and login the correct way again, else you will notice that the same petitions come back as not being signed! Russia. City of Neryungri. Help punish the brutal dog killers, eating dogs in front of the child! Italy. Close the non-public dogpound La Sfinge in Brusciano (NA), owned by notorious mr. Beneduce, paid for by public money, where dogs will die without having any chance to live! Turkey. Dismiss and charge this ‘guard’ at the dogpound in Dohayko, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, who beat and stabbed this dog, attempting to kill him! Brazil. Against these transports of livestock, this mega-operation in the Port of Santos for the shipment of about 27 thousand oxen to Turkey! Spain. Zamora. No to the construction of the macro pig farm (12000 pigs) by the Catalan company Selection Batalle! Turkey. Have Institutions provide leftover food to the dogpound Russia.  Murmansk region. Forbid the hunting of reindeer, listed in the red book! Russia. Save the dolphins! Prohibit mobile dolphinariums in Ulyanovsk! Uruguay. Request for non-profit NGOs that rescue animals to be exempted from taxes Mexico. Prohibit the exploitation and abuse of ponies, mainly in the fairs and expos throughout Mexico, and investigate the situation of these animals, the abuse and the conditions that their owners keep them in Needs more signatures. Stand Against oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! Our Oceans Can't Stomach Anymore Plastic
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Petitions and More, Dec. 5 National Assembly, Minjoo Party of S. Korea, Democratic Party of S. Korea #HR1406 Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act of 2017  France. For better protection of laboratory animals! To confirm France. A place for Sartrouvillois' stray cats in the surrounding area France. Requesting a firm law that condemns those capable of acts of cruelty towards animals, more severe fines with jail time, and bans on owning an animal Urge Jack Daniel's to Stop Sponsoring a Death Race Tell Vanguard and BNY Mellon: Cut off the money for the Batang Toru dam! Take action. US-info. Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act US-info. Keep Trump's hands off our public lands! The Murray River needs your help Brazil. Protest! Thousands of livestock arrive at the Port of Santos, many transports will follow - due to a commercial export agreement of Carga Viva by Brazil to the Muslim countries! Turkey. Animals are not goods, those who beat, rape, torture animals, causing injury or death,  should be charged  and punished with imprisonment under the Penal Code! France. Do not deny access to shelters for the pets of the homeless, they prefer to stay outside with their pets in the cold! Italy. Municipality of Cingoli. Give this deaf dog, kept outside at all times, in solitude, a dignified life and punish the owners! Italy. Campania region, Naples. (Official) support is urgently needed  for Casetta scugnizza, a small shelter for street cats! Italy. Urgent Operation of Reclamation of the 5000 Km of Costa, Now Reduced to Landfill, requested! Teen Caught on Tape Throwing Kitten Onto the Street target missing. Demand more funding to protect animal rights and a stronger legislative response to prosecute offenders
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