Thursday, June 22, 2017

Petitions and More, June 22 US-info. Tell Congress to oppose budget proposals that threaten wild horses! Germany. Animal torturers must be condemned! Please confirm  US-info. Don't allow seismic airgun surveys in the Atlantic Ocean (Re: NOAA - 82 FR 26244)!  Don't approve a rezoning at Spring Bay that will turn 'open space' and 'environmental management' zones into 'industrial' zones for 'resource development' use, this is calving habitat for the endangered southern right whale! End Deadly Pair Trawling! Mr Turnbull - Stop the Super Trawlers!  If not signed yet. International Olympic Committee, take immediate steps to ensure that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is not built on the destruction of Sarawak’s precious remaining forests! White House: Release the Brandon Road Study, Stop Asian Carp! To sign, scroll down. Say no to big banks pouring billions into destructive fossil fuels Update, please take action on the countries listed; email, post or send a tweet!  This is the correct link. Germany. Against the torturing to death of animals in slaughterhouses! France. Let's save the 250 cats of the association Bon Oeil Bon Chat from euthanasia! Venezuela. Justicia for Cross, dog killed by Venezuelan military while raiding his home Ecuador. #JusticiaParaBruno Pitbull attacked with machetes Save Iceberg, the dog sentenced to death in Denmark Spain. To withdraw the program with a dog breeder from TV, "A Cara De Perro" Spain. Amend Law 42/2007 to allow the existence of these species in our territory, no to eradication!
Save the dunes of Oliva and its ecosystem Support the SAFE Act and End The Barbaric Horsemeat Trade! Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay from the Massive Pebble Mine Don't Let Our National Monuments Be Exploited For Drilling, Logging, and Mining The Vietnamese government must now finish the job and end bear farming for good!
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Petitions and More, June 21 If not signed yet  Actions to take, if not done so yet Demand Carrefour to Drop Dog Meat, Permanently! US-info. Oppose H. J. Res. 69 and help protect iconic carnivores on national wildlife refuges! US, call McGuire VAMC now at (804) 675-5242 and politely tell them you do not want your tax dollars funding cruel and wasteful experiments on puppies! ZIP=5 digits.  Protect our country’s national monuments We Only Have Until July 10 to Save Unique Forests and Rivers in Maine and Oregon! Tell Kroger to say NO to bee-killing pesticides Development Minister Müller: Engage in and promote within the United Nations Animal Protection! Spain. Madrid. Create a Department or Office Against Animal Abuse, a police unit in Defense of Animals! Norway. We require a separate neutral supervision of animal welfare and protection in Norway to replace the FSA! The FSA has repeatedly shown that animals as living individuals have a very low priority! Spain, Siro Group: Eliminate Palm oil from your products! Germany. Save the Haardtrand and the Nature Reserve Pfälzerwald! Project neutering dogs in Sveti Ivan Zelina / Spay and neuter program for dogs in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia! Don't Let Greed Destroy the Murray-Darling Basin! Don't Sell The Elliott State Forest To A Timber Company. Keep The Elliott Public!
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Petitions and More, June 20 Needs more attention. Governor of Bali, immediately ban the dog meat trade and pass laws to outlaw extreme cruelty to all animals!  US. June 21, int. secr. Zinke will defend his Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which asks Congress to lift the ban on destroying healthy wild horses and burros and selling these cherished animals for slaughter! Please take action! ZIP=5 digits. Protect Cetaceans: Save Bill S-203! Needs more attention. Support a Moratorium on Animal Experimentation! Please protect bears at Wilson's Wild Animal Park from the heat Please cancel senseless anxiety studies on baby monkeys! more actions to take France. Prefect of Val d'Oise, Mayor of Parmain.  No to fox traps! 60 traps to catch foxes and predators, traps of 1st to 3rd category, more deadly ones leading to terrible agony! Confirm please If not signed yet. Improve the conditions for the 2 horses of Noiseau Needs 50,000 sign. ZIP=5 digits. Do not undermine our national monuments, including Grand Canyon Parashant! Netherlands. Dog Rex is not an object! The Public Prosecutor's Office and the RVO have treated Dora's dog Rex as an object, result: Rex has now disappeared! To confirmía-entre-particulares/ Spain. Government of Cantabria. Prohibit private animal breeding! Brazil. Municipality of Santos, prohibit the use of dogs as a guard without the presence of a person; inspect on ill-treatment and ensure correct conditions for the animal Spain. Invite volunteers into the dogpound of Arrecife for their wellbeing The truth about the death of Chevelu, the tortured cat who died in Draguignan (and his torturers) Colombia. Protect the Río Blanco Environmental Reserve from real estate a.o. development Brazil. The law of pesticides is a risk to our health! This law can not be approved! Tell Congress: No Oil and Gas Drilling In Our National Parks Stop Dow Chemical from Poisoning Our Families and the Planet With Pesticides
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Petitions and More, June 19 Netherlands. Mandatory de-sexing of cats. To confirm;jsessionid=00000000.app30102b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1975 US-info. Keep the Atlantic Ocean's first marine monument intact (Re: DOI-2017-0002) San Marcos La Laguna. Stop and investigate the horrible poisoning to death of dogs and cats in Atitlan Guatemala! France. No to sanctions against the leaders of 269 animal life liberation! They risk up to five years imprisonment and 75,000 € fine for damages committed in the meeting after having introduced themselves without violence into the abattoir enclosure accompanied by many activists for the animal cause Germany. Duisburg -Rheinhausen.  Flohi the cat was cruelly tormented and killed by a mob of children (8-12 children at the age of 10-12 years) in front of her home. We ask for justice! Spain. To obtain a law that really helps reduce dropouts and protects animals, No to uncontrolled and home breeding, no to bureaucracy Argentina. Let's save the missionary jungle. Do not allow clearing in areas classified as "Red" Halt 97 Square Mile Sugar Project in Sri Lanka’s Indigenous Wanniyalaeto (Veddha) Medicinal Gardens and Elephant Habitat Boycott Tourism of China's Famous Ancient City Suzhou - Killing Innocent Dogs City Wide for the Prevention of Dog Attacks Is Not Human!
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mr. Matthieu Ricard, please speak out against the brutal dog meat trade in South Korea!

From   Use the sample letter or your own
Tweet:  .@matthieu_ricard Plz speak out against horrific #dogmeat #catmeat #cruelty in #SouthKorea
Subject: Mr. Matthieu Ricard, please speak out against the brutal dog meat trade in South Korea!
Dear Mr Ricard,
You teach that: “every bear, dog, or mouse experiences sorrow and feels pain as intensely as we do”.
We ask you to please watch the videos of South Korea’s dog meat industry:
Each year, around 30 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten in Asia, including Korea, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. In South Korea alone, it is estimated that, annually, 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are brutally slaughtered and eaten.
Dogs that are bred on dog farms live in miserable conditions. In South Korea, dog meat consumption is illegal but their Government is allowing it to continue, thereby causing immense suffering to these animals. All breeds of dog are used for meat, including stolen pets and abandoned dogs. They are confined to small, filthy cages, given rotten food and scraps which are unfit for consumption, denied space to exercise, and given no shelter from extreme weather conditions. They cannot even feel the ground beneath their paws as they are contained in wire cages, raised off the ground. These conditions are deplorable and cruel.
Dogs are slaughtered in the most brutal and painful methods, often in front of other dogs which watch in fear for their lives. They are beaten, stabbed, hanged, butchered, thrown into pots of boiling water, skinned, electrocuted or blow torched – often whilst still alive. This inhumane torture has to stop.
Mr Ricard, you also teach that “compassion towards … beings, including our fellow animals, is the direction towards which any enlightened society must aspire.” South Korea is a successful and prosperous nation, but it is not ‘enlightened’: there is little compassion shown to any of these animals, in any of the processes in the dog and cat meat trades. Please join us in speaking out openly against the violence that is being perpetrated daily in South Korea towards these animals; please help stop these barbaric acts of torture, and the unimaginable suffering.
An online petition calling for your support to help end the horrendous dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress:
Thank you in advance for your response.
Yours sincerely,


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Petitions and More, June 17 Tweetsheet for the Wild Horses and Burro’s, just click on the images  US. Tell Secretary Zinke that you do not support the slaughter of America’s wild horses, by calling 202-208-7351! US. Please e-mail, fax, call your 2 Senators and House of Rep. NOW as Trump’s and Zinke’s budget proposals for 2018 for wild horses and burros are now in the Appropriation Committees being marked up for a vote possibly as soon as July! Sample message provided If not signed yet. Tell Namibian and UAE officials to stop the export of baby elephants to Dubai Safari Park! Protest. The Russian Academy of Sciences is taking a giant step backwards for science and ethics by using primates in its research into the effects of space travel as part of a projected mission to Mars  Arizona-info. Speak Up For Mexican Wolves, Revoke S.368 intr. by Jeff Flake, protect Mexican Wolves! 1. Don't Let Texan Supermarket Kill Pups! 2. Don't Let Wisconsin Throw Baby Birds Into Gas Chamber France. Raise children's awareness for animal causes in schools. To confirm  US-info. Tell Kroger to stop selling food grown with bee-toxic pesticides! If not signed yet. ZIP=5 digits  Turkey. Stop the deadly, systematic poisoning of dogs in the Edremit District and beyond, even in Ayvalık municipalities,  and stop threatening animal activists, prosecution is needed!  Brazil. Find and arrest the sadistic woman who pierces the eye of this gagged dog, torturing him, and the person filming the action! Contact Peta as well! Spain. San Vicente de Alcántara, Badajoz. NO to the municipal ban on feeding the Feline Colonies by volunteer neighbors, let them do their job to take care of the cats! Spain. City of Logroño, Government of La Rioja: stop exterminating healthy, young, adoptable dogs and cats! We ask for severe penalties for mistreatment and abandonment, mandatory sterilization and management of cat colonies through the CES Project!  The Catholic Church, through Pius V, already condemned bullfigting with the perpetual Bula Salutis Gregis Dominici. Pope Francis, intercede to finish once and for all these horrible spectacles! Argentina. Municipality of Zárate: justice for Dolar, tortured to death, condemn the perpetrators under application of Law 14,346 Maltreatment and Acts of Cruelty to Animals! Protect Your National Parks from Inappropriate Development
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Petitions and More, June 16 Fight the Dog Meat Trade (a new Res. will be introduced) At least 2 more actions to take please!  US-info. Once more. BLM Moves to Slaughter America's Mustangs: Tell Congress No! Post your protest comment concerning wild horses and burro’s budget 2018, Protest the USFWS' proposal to radically scale back the range to occupy for the 28 Red Wolves left and to remove most of the wild wolves and to place them into captivity! US-info. Humane Cosmetics Act Needs Support to End Testing on Animals!  US-info. Tell Congress to reauthorize programs that protect Elephants, cosponsor the MSCF reauthorization! To send a tweet or email to Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade!  Urge Your U.S. Representative to Protect Endangered Species with the WILD Act Orange Bowl Exploits Dolphins for a Football Game Moe’s, switch to healthier chicken breeds who are offered more space, sunlight, and enrichment to encourage natural behaviors!  Ask the US Government to Prevent Ringling Bros. from Sending Big Cats to a German Circus! ZIP=5 digits. Picket West Harms Forests and Communities, No to logging 6,000-acres of low elevation forests! ZIP=5 digits. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, I value our monuments and want them to remain protected! Costa Rica. National Animal Health Service, SENASA: do not kill the 49 cats and 1 dog confiscated by you from the rescuer Zita Soto Poveda, these animals were well cared for, she was gradually placing them in homes! Italy. Return the "Bear" dog, a 4 year old Rottweiler, well behaved and well cared for, to her owner! Spain. Protest. The City of Seville has decided to shoot and kill free flying exotic parrots, a controversial decision according to environmentalists, the animalistic sector and university experts Spain. Sant Joan Despí. Stop catching pigeons with illegal cages to let them die!ón-no-a-las-explosiones-en-los-pueblos-de-zamora  Spain. Junta de Castilla y León. Against explosions in the villages of Zamora to imitate an earthquake for studies! Stop Namibia's Export Of Young Elephants To Dubai Safari Park Investigate the Abuse of Stormy the Dog
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