Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Petitions and More, February 28 US-info. Don’t Let Congress Fall for Steve King’s Anti-Animal Agenda!  Once again. Scroll down to sign please Sick of intensive livestock farming, horror images from the Dutch pig industry  H.Res.401Condemning the DCMT Globally is Now Stalled. Immediately after it was marked up and passed through the F.A.C. with 100% support, it has NOT gained more movement. Please urge these members of the F.A.C. (that voted in favor of ending this trade), to contact HOUSE MAJ. LEADER, KEVIN McCARTHY to have him "move H.Res.401 to the Floor for a Vote”!  Tuesday 2/27/18  #HRes401 Daily action -> Reps #33 - #34 Tuesday  2/27/18  #HouseBill1406  Daily actions  --> Reps #33 - #34 ----------- If not signed yet. Against (indirect) European subsidies supporting Bullfighting! To confirm The USDA is considering outsourcing some of its Animal Welfare Act inspections of USDA-regulated facilities to private third parties; this will be harmful for the welfare of animals kept in puppy mills, roadside zoos and research facilities! Comment please (again), sample provided  Ohio, gather signatures! In order to stop puppy mill cruelty in Ohio, we need to collect over 550,000 signatures to get this initiative on the November 2018 ballot! US-info.  Congress: Don’t let Big Ag hide the toxic chemicals factory farms are putting into our air!  To not permit camping of animal circuses in your jurisdiction .... Tell Vermont: Stop Cruel And Inhumane Animal Trapping Monte Hermoso, Argentina, south of the Province of Buenos Aires. Authorities, create an animal wellbeing center in Monte Hermoso, instead of the present death camp for dogs!  Demand that Governor Aureoles comply with the legal agreement for polar bear Yupik Colombia. Construct green viaducts for wildlife, apply public policies, sustainable projects and actions for mitigation of wildlife to prevent wildlife killing caused by the construction of roads, highways! Approve the commission in Cabildo of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas for the protection of wildlife and domestic  animals Stop the hillside plot in El Bolson, Río Negro, No to a Tourist Villa with Golf Course, Polo Field, etc. that will cause a strong environmental impact in an area of ​​native forests and springs of pure water Eduardo Costantini, President of Consultatio SA: Stop destroying forests and polluting water in Puertos del Lago Save their Home: Act Now to Protect Grizzly Bears! Tell Snapchat to Ban Couple Who Ate Adopted Pig! Demand the VA department of game and inland fisheries make a size and bag limit on crappie in Buggs island, Kerr reservoir ... Pet Sitting Site Rover Not Keeping Pets Safe Tell REI to drop Vista outdoor products #draintheNRA
           ========   News and more    ========= 16:29:44: That this House has considered e-petition 200205 relating to ending the export of live farm animals after the UK leaves the European Union....

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Petitions and More, February 27 Once more. Ask the Scottish Government to stop opposing a live export ban!  Monday 2/26/18  #HRes401  Daily action, --> Reps #31 - #32 Monday 2/26/18  #HouseBill1406 Daily action --> Reps #31 - #32 --------------- In Germany, Wolves are back home, but extremely rare and endangered. CDU, CSU and SPD, do not allow Wolves to be shot! Ghana, do not sell your nature to China! Mistreatment of protected or domestic species must be punished to prevent recidivism! Stop Trump's Plan to Expand Drilling Off U.S. Coasts Germany. Pasture subsidy instead of mega-farming. To confirm More and better legislation for the protection of Animals in ‘our kingdom’ of the Netherlands (the isle of Bonaire) To confirm EPA, protect Ningaloo Reef from industrialisation France. Mobilization against the Fox hunt in Saint-Maixent l'Ecole 79400! To confirm  Other petitions for Animals (if not signed yet) The Netherlands. Do not let the big grazers in the Oostvaardersplassen starve to death! To confirm Urge the tourism industry to end lion exploitation! Trump Administration Plans to Open Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic to Offshore Drilling  If not done so yet, submit a comment please (sample provided)  ! Italy. President: in Sciacca, and other Italian squares, we are mourning our 40 dogs poisoned on Febr. 15,  when in Licata, another province of Agrigento, another harrowing massacre of strays took place! This mass extermination of dogs becomes, at this point, an unprecedented emergency in Italy ! Galicia. The old, closed Hospital Xeral de Galeras, Santiago de Compostela, has gradually become the home of a colony of 19 cats, cared for. We need more time to be able to capture Geíño and the other 3 cats that are still hiding there before fumigation starts!  Indonesia. Bandung. Authorities of the city release these bears to any natural reserve that corresponds with their needs! Russia. City of Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region: show pity with the animals, protect them from aggressive individuals, create a protective shelter! Justice for Tuca, brutally beaten with an iron bar by a drunken man, on February 21, 2018 in the city of Cascavel – PR Argentina. Stop the indiscriminate destruction of the mountains of Cordoba and it's native flora and fauna, animals and plants in the process of extinction, by big corporations! Respect the Natural Reserve of the San Vicente Lagoon Russia. City of Sochi. Abandon the plans to consider the construction of the MSZ in Sochi. Instead of building the incinerator, introduce separate collection of waste and build several ecological technology parks - centers for sorting and recycling waste! Russia. Solid waste landfill site of Kurovskoye settlement: owners of landfills that earn huge financial resources for receiving waste must compensate for their own environmental damage! Conserve the Amalucan Forest commonly called Cerro de Amalucan in Puebla, Mexico; No to concrete! Justice for Bentley, Adorable Pug Killed by Utility Worker! Interior Department, Listen to the West and Protect Our Western Way of Life and Western Wildlife ...... Sign and Help End the Cruel Wildlife Selfie Trade Tell Congress: Scott Pruitt is failing as EPA Administrator Stop Pollution From Oil and Gas Wells On Our Public Lands
                   ========   News and more   ========= Earlier today the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources (DNR) has rescinded the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife's 2018 Feral Horse Management Hunt that was scheduled for March


Monday, February 26, 2018

Petitions and More, February 26  Friday 2/23/18  #HRes401 Daily action Reps.  #25 - #26 Saturday 2/24/18  #HRes401  Daily action, --> Reps #27 - #28, 2 different letters! Sunday 2/25/18  #HRes401 Daily action,  Reps #29 - #30 2 different letters! ------- Friday  2/23/18  #HouseBill1406  Daily action, -> Reps #25 - #26 Saturday  2/24/18 #HouseBill1406   Daily action, Reps #27 - #28 Sunday 2/25/18 #HouseBill1406 Daily action, Reps #29 - #30 ------- France. Justice for Nikita, dragged to death behind a car for 25km! To confirm Ask Nestlé: Why won't it act now to stop buying corrupt palm oil?  NZ Govt, implement a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags  Every year the Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spends millions of taxpayer dollars destroying thousands of acres of native pinyon pine, juniper forests and sagebrush stands in the name of “habitat restoration,” but it's for cattle grazing! Click to send an email Italy. After the horrific massacre of dogs in Sicily and especially in Sciacca, we request to cancel the passage of the Giro d'Italia through the city of Sciacca! Russia. Tver region. Protest! In Rameshki, the court forbade the dog rescuer to keep her own dogs, she has to get rid of them! Russia. Bring the students of Krasnoyarsk College of Radio Electronics and Information Technology, who tortured, killed a kitten, to justice! Russia. We demand punishment for the policeman -Egorov Oleg from YaNAO for massacring a dog Russia. Irkutsk region. Create a shelter for homeless animals in the Markov MO; it can become also a center for encouraging humane treatment, educating the public, fostering responsibility for pets, conducting preferential sterilization with info for the local population Brazil. More severe penalties for those  who mistreat animals! Russia. Prohibit the abandonment of animals on the street by law Let the mistreated dog in Palma be adopted now, and apply an exemplary sentence to the abuser and make sure that he can not have any animals Russia. Protest! Deleted from the Red Book by officials who are specifically commercially interested in the resolution of hunting for these species! These include: Himalayan bear, subspecies of reindeer, gray goose, gray duck, Caucasian chamois, Caucasian noble deer, Siberian mountain goat, kloktun and common turtle-dove! The Ministry of Justice should not allow this, it's illegal !  ------- Russia. Sergiev Posad District, today they poisoned my dog, they will kill me tomorrow! The attackers deliberately came to my house and threw poison over my fence. They killed my only defender Russia. For a limit on the number of meat farms and the number of cattle per farm Stop the continious deforestation and ecocide in the Zona Esmeralda in Atizapán Zaragoza, Mexico! Russia. Ban the law on the Territories of advanced development which allows you to lease 60% of our country to foreign countries! Turned into deserts, Siberian forests cut down by the Chinese, the scale is huge, millions of hectares! Russia. Stop cutting down our forest park, in the area of ​​Novo-Peredelkino, before it's too late ! Russia. Introduce new forestry principles! Russia. Turochak District, the Altai Republic. Stop logging! Every day more than a thousand cubic meters of pine trees are destroyed and removed! Russia. Do not let us destroy the Ussuri Taiga in the Primorsky Territory, unique forests called  the "northern Amazon"! Protest! Venezuela. Groups of invaders have dedicated themselves to felling and burning trees to build ranches destroying the only plant lung that the inhabitants of El Paraiso, the area adjacent to El Pinar Park, have! Ecuador. Defend nature and all its inhabitants, save the most biodiverse place on the planet, the Yasuní and its indigenous peoples in danger of oil exploitation! Spain. The dangerousness of the reckless anti-storks 'policy' of the Churches and Cathedral of Lleida! Spain. In Lleida, its City Council and its Bishopric violate the animal protection laws for birds, causing the death and suffering of storks and pigeons Italy. Keep the Lombard canals flowing, save it's life and biodiversity Spain. Enkarterri valley, province of Bizkaia: we demand a serious study of the situation: study of dispersion of particles, unit of measurement for the own contaminants of the plant
                     ===========   News and more   ==========  Hunting permits for Horses, unbelievable! No to Wild Horse Hunting in the Navajo Nation! United Horse Warriors on Twitter Don’t forget to vote! Against animal abuse, China; click on the red hand in the middle (or on the grey lining), drag it up to the SECOND PAGE, nr. 3, click on the thumbs up! Thanks. Now  1184105 votes  Scroll down to vote for nr. 4: to abstain from meat and sausage products altogether  Next: abstimmen Germany. The Higher Regional Court Naumburg finally acquitted three animal rights activists for gaining access to a pig farm in Sandbeiendorf (Saxony-Anhalt) and filming cruel conditions there!


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Petitions and More, February 24 USDA, do not cave in to animal industry demands! Anybody can sign! Tell NIH to stop paying for sick, perverted sex experiments on animals! Wednesday 2/21/18  #HRes401 Daily action Reps. #21 - #22  Thursday 2/22/18  #HRes401  Daily action Reps.  #23 - #24 Wednesday 2/21/18  #HouseBill1406   Daily action, Reps.  #21 - #22 Thursday 2/22/18  #HouseBill1406 Daily action Reps.  #23 - #24 And please use -----------  Pls Retweet To Stop King’s Vicious and Reckless Amendment to Be Added to the #2018 Farm Bill! If this Passes, a Long List Of State Laws Like: Shark Finning, Puppy Mills, Extreme Farm Confinement of Farm Animals, Sale of Horse+Dog+Cat Meat, Will Be Repealed!   ------------ 1) Stop Pigs Being Scalded Alive! 2) Protest! Anchors of CBS This Morning Celebrate Pig Slaughter EU minister, take true action and end keeping rabbits in cages now!  Help stop rainforest deforestation and demand an Olympics free of the use of Conflict Palm Oil in Nissin Food's noodles today!  US-info. Defend Turtle-Saving Technology in the Gulf of Mexico!  US-info. Help Stop Pesticide Contamination in Smith River Estuary!  If not signed yet. Opening our coasts to offshore drilling puts communities, jobs, and ecosystems in grave danger US-info.  Oppose S. 1520 and any other bills that undermine fisheries science before our oceans pay the price Russia. Help stop the genocide of stray cats! Allow the animals to return to (open) cellars!  Russia. Apply the Federal Law "On Responsible Treatment of Animals", prohibit the blockage of cellars for cats!  Administration of Anzhero-Sudzhensky city district, the Council of People's Deputies of Anzhero-Sudzhensky urban district: Stop and ban the poisoning of Dogs! Russia. Do not leave animals in cottages, have compassion, they freeze in agony and suffering!  Russia. Please remove Nikolai Valuev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection. Valuev is an avid hunter, and instead of guarding animals, he kills them! For the immediate cancellation of the event Poços Rodeo "Show of Torture to the Animals"! Spain. Add an extra box on income statements, to allocate money to aid abandoned, needy animals and create an anti-stress theme park for animals  Russia. For a ban on the sale of water from underground Kamchatka sources to China!  Russia. Help stop the destruction of the Red Book Regions in Primorsky Krai!  Russia. Protect the nature monument "Shchelokovo farm" in Nizhny Novgorod! Russia. Abolish the destructivec changes-2017 in the general plan of Toksovo, 'Little Switzerland'! Protest! In Bolivia, one of the biggest environmental catastrophes in the world is taking place. The intangibility of the TIPNIS (Isiboro Secure Indigenous Territory) has been removed to approve the construction of a highway that crosses it, endangering all wildlife! Demand more severe penalty for Sarah Wells who starved her 5 yr old pit bull "Wiggins" to death Urge Congress to Stand Strong on Clean Water in the Chesapeake Bay
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Friday, February 23, 2018

Petitions and More, February 23 Protest! Germany. Hamburg wants to build a new building for keeping laboratory animals at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and provides around 32 million euros for this purpose! Ban cosmetic testing on Animals everywhere France. Signer la petition. Stop breeding animals for their fur! More signatures please. Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death  (UK-citizen: yes) To confirm EU subsidies for the agricultural sector is used by the bullfighting industry as well. The European Commission will now make this visible by revising the policy to clarify how money ends up in the bullfighting industry, and how it can be stopped. Support the European Parliament and CAS in their wish to stop subsidizing bullfighting!  Only use first name, last name, town, country, email (*)  To confirm! Needs 50,000 sign. Trump: this budget spells disaster for Africa's wildlife!  Block the bills threatening a devastating impact on the ability of charities and civil society to speak out on the issues that matter in Australia!  If not signed yet. France. Stop the massacre of Wolves! Help end cruelty to ducks and geese, for a UK import ban on foie gras!  Congress: Stop Big Ag from destroying our food system! Spain.  Stop hunting with animals, stop the atrocities committed against them before, during and after being used for hunting! Spain. Gava. We denounce the events that occurred this morning in a square in Gava, where the company from Terrasa, Colomba Control, massacred the pigeons! This violates article 337 of the penal code! Fine the Cathedral of Lleida, storks are protected birds  Spain. Save the Cabin Persianas swifts in Seville, Cabo Persianas Building, this unique bird colony is in decline due to the destruction of its shelters! Spain. Galicia. Protect the flora and fauna of the  Illas Cíes! Japan. For mandatory on-site inspection of reproductive birds breeding including the Sekisei parakeet
                             =========  News and more   ========== Reminder. Vote every 24 hours, against animal abuse, China; click on the red hand in the middle (or on the grey lining), drag it up to the SECOND PAGE, nr. 3, click on the thumbs up! Thanks. Now   1183977 votes