Saturday, February 28, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 28 Nevada's mule deer population threatened by gold mine Don't Let Ag-gag Bills Silence You! More signatures needed! Demand that cement companies abolish 50kg sacs in the developing world (to carry by donkeys)
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 27

Justice for Chaitan, killed by neighbor
France, support Fabienne whose Polux dog was cowardly murdered , shot by neighbor  Justice for this little Dog, Guppies, severely beaten, euthanized  Please scroll down to sign and send the letter! More signatures to protest against the Animal testing Laboratory, Landerd Campus Schaijk, Zeeland, Netherlands! Applied for a permit to use even more animals!;jsessionid=02308B38DFB89DF9E23EF110322BE1E0.app326a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=957 Urge Your U.S. Senators to Oppose the misleading "Sportsmen's Act" of 2015, S. 405, threatening the conservation of fish, wildlife, and habitats! US-info  If not signed yet. Fully implement the 2008 Lacey Act Amendments, protect Tiger habitats. US-info Reject Montana's "Slaughter for Habitat" Proposal! ZIP=5 digits Copy/paste your message! ZIP=5 digits Help save Canada's ancient forests; first, last name, email, country  Stop Republicans from blocking new national parks. ZIP=5 digits Don't Let Congress Doom America's Polar Bears
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 26 Eureka County, ranchers and others are fighting the BLM's birth control and release plan! They want the roundup and removal of wild horses by the thousands from public lands, to sell these national icons for slaughter! US-info + more to fill in afterwards! AWHPC advocates for more effective use of PZP on the Onaqui wild horses, South Lake City, Utah, as an alternative to the roundup and removal of these beloved mustangs, let BLM know! ZIP=5 digits More signatures please, sign against the extermination camp for stray dogs in Turkey, Istanbul! Animal Laboratory  Center Landerd, Campus Schaijk,  applied for a permit for more animals, even dogs! Deadline March 1, urgently needs more signatures! use Google translate please. Protect Finlands Wolves against being killed! First, last name, city, country, email, yes, sign. Confirm afterwards please! Sweden, we demand better Animal Protection Laws! First, last name, city, email Russia, toughen punishment under Article 245, Cruelty to animals! Justice for this painted/poisoned kitten Don't Let Ag-gag Bills Silence You Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abuses of Farm Animals Chimpanzees Belong in Sanctuaries - Not Cages EU Please Ban The Import Of Wildlife "Trophies" into Europe. Target....
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 25 Congress, vote NO on these anti-Wolf bills and other attempts to undermine science and the integrity of the Endangered Species Act! US-info only 2015’s Most Important Wildlife Bills to Receive Hearings!  Senate Bill 253, a state ban on the abhorrent practice of coyote killing contests! NM-info only. Deadline Friday 27! Oppose plans to build a monkey breeding facility in Florida
Argentina, Justice for Lobito, buried alive, but rescued!  Protect the Narwhal’s home against seismic activities! US-info. Support Obama's Arctic Refuge Wilderness recommendation! Turkey, Ankara, Justice for this female dog, raped, neck broken, and burned to death! Turkey,in this program, broadcasted on TV8, the torturing of animals is shown! (Ban it) Smashed to death with a sledgehammer: Customers watch as Chinese vendors sell ‘fresh donkey meat’ Support Australia's Natural Bush Heritage Australia's Government: Companies Shouldn't Be Paid to Pollute
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 24

Apply the Law on acts of animal cruelty in New Caledonia Help Protect Wild Tigers from Illegal Logging Practices, US-info; more  actions will follow  France,  resignation of Ségolène Royal! We denounce her taste for bullfighting, hunting and choices for the slaughter of wolves! Confirm/valider please (spam) Help prevent our expulsion from Pierrelatte refuge in the Drôme, where we host about 250 animals, cats and dogs! Algarve Tourism Association, consider putting a small plate with information about mr. No Ears - famous stray cat in Albufeira. Confirm  Russia, Tambov, City Duma, Cancel the shooting of Stray Dogs in Tambov!  Establish an emergency veterinarian service in the territory of Bari/Barese, Italy  France, do not euthanize Sourir, a small american staff of 8 months, abused by it's owner! Surrender him to the Association Espoirs Canins Putin, Russian Fed. , Ban the testing on animals for alcoholic and tobacco products. Target? Tell Congress: Don't Mess With Wolf Recovery! Tell Congress to Protect Tiger Habitats! Support whale watching in Iceland and help end whaling Oregon Army Corp of Engineering, Stop killing thousands of birds Government, scrape tax exemptions to big polluters to help save the environment
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