Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Petitions and More, January 31 US-info. Expressing deep concerns and strong opposition to HR 4879/HR 3599, introduced by Rep. Steve King, which seeks to undermine basic humane laws that have been enacted to protect animals from egregious cruelty! Members of the Antarctic Commission: build the world's largest protected area, a protected marine area in the Antarctic Ocean  US-info.  Stop Trump's destructive infrastructure scam! US-info. Pruitt, now running the EPA, is using his position to pay back his campaign contributors and reward the fossil fuel industry. Stop Scott Pruitt from destroying our environmental protections! Every year the government opens up more of Australia’s treasured ocean environment for oil and gas exploration. It’s time for that to stop Spain. Alicante police brutally beat up the dog and the homeless man, they came with 5 local police vehicles plus two of the national, more than 12 policemen, for a  homeless man and his dog, unbelievable and unacceptable, what a shame!! Russia. Prohibit by law all activities (killing, torturing animals, spreading hatred) of  LLC "Fauna +" and Belgorod (Bublik VM)! Colombia. Include animals, pets, in the National Risk Management Plan of the UNGRD,  recognize them as victims of disasters and generate programs for their protection! Italy. No hunting in Tuscany. Stop the killing of innocent animals! Argentina. Repeal the ordinance which forbids dogs on the beach and realize a campaign of awareness, sterilization, education and adoption of dogs that have no owner. Stop the malicious persecution by the Municipality of Puerto Madryn! Spain. Ayuntamiento de Huelva. Support please. A colony of cats in the neighborhood of Molino de la Vega lived there for 15 years, now they are going to build there and we have presented a project to the Department of the Environment to give us municipal land to transfer them and other abandoned cats!  The Bureba, a virgin area in the province of Burgos. We request for the Burgos-Vitoria / Gasteiz AVE to be done through the center option (Burgos-Prádanos-Pancorbo), which was already approved in 2015 and which, besides being shorter, has less environmental impact on wildlife and nature! Germany. Save the 2 Swabian-hog pigs at the Wild-Tierpark Schweinfurt from slaughter  Boycott canadian Seafood, Maple Syrup, Travel Boycott until the cruel commercial Seal Hunt in Canada end forever Please don't be fooled by photos of adorable cloned monkeys. Zhong Zong and Hua Hua will live their lives in pain
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