Monday, January 8, 2018

Petitions and More, January 8 Needs many more signatures, urgent! Stop the massacre and extinction of Wolves in Norway!  Retweets for the Wild Horses and Burro’s! After every tweet, click right on the upper left arrow to return, pause after each 12 retweets Justice for the cruelly executed neutered and tagged dogs, at the gas station between Pitesti and Bucharest at Km 36 by this hunter, Ion Antonescu! To confirm Protect Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bears!  Tell Scott Pruitt to bring balance back to the EPA! Russia. Prohibit the shooting of dogs in North Ossetia-Alania!  Russia. Justice for this Alabai puppy Zakhar, spine broken, paw cut off by sadists! Argentina. San Francisco. Cordoba. Justice for puppy Chocolate, maximum punishment for his torturer, hairdresser Germán Gómez, apply an exemplary sentence of more than five years of effective prison! Italy. Stop the suffering, no to the use of live prey in the training of hunting dogs! Vatican, excommunicate the bullfighters and their relatives from ecclesiastical cemeteries! The Catholic Church has shown itself contrary to these spectacles of death and human vanity as seen in the Bull promulgated on November 1, 1567 by St. Pius V. in 1857, the Bull De Salutis Gregis Order of Malta, Ireland, urged to reject greyhound track fundraising! Send an email to,,,, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. We demand the immediate dismissal of Suzane Rizzo and the return of the actions of the city hall in favor of the animals: qualified and experienced veterinarians to sterilize dogs and cats in the Bicho Rio Program; weekly adoption campaigns; the program for the protection of community animals; rescues for exploited and suffering horses! Argentina. Killing an animal in danger of extinction should carry the same penalty as killing a person Panama. La Mesa de San Martin. Cancel construction of an industrial chicken farm in a rural and natural area Australia. Camp Kitty - Warning,  Cats in Danger! Call or send a request Uzbekistan. Against the construction of a dolphinarium in our country Mexico. Clean up and change the dam of San Lucas Xochimanca in Xochimilco CDMX
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