Thursday, January 25, 2018

Petitions and More, January 25 US-info. Ruby Fur Farm breeds ferrets, skunks, raccoons, and other animals to sell as research test subjects and “unique” pets. The business has a long history of ignoring the minimal care that the Animal Welfare Act requires! Urge the USDA to Shut Down this Cruel Breeding Facility! Retailer Sport Chek Stopped Selling Fur, Then Started Again MAC went off the rails when it decided to pay for tests on animals in order to sell its products in China! India. Please Protect Elephants From Cruel Rides, Stop Selling Lobsters and Other Live Animals France. Justice for Chance, jail for his owner! To confirm US-info. We won't stand for drilling in our oceans!  Dr. Bronner's Supports 'Humane Washing' Florida only. Please Support Protection for Orcas in Florida this Session Demand that Owner of Starving Dog that was Tied to Railings and dumped on a Deserted Footpath be Found and Prosecuted Find Animal Abuser Who Threw Dog Over Animal Shelter Fence! Charge Killers of 200,000 Honey Bees with Felony Animal Cruelty  Stop Doogans Pet store in Orangeville, Ontario, from selling puppies, it's supporting puppy mills! Move the world for chickens in 2018; Tell KFC to end their suffering France. Rescue these 8 animals in danger of death in Mulhouse, let the police help the SPA! Colombia. Rejecting overcrowded dogpounds region Santa Rosa and Villanueva, Department of Bolívara: it should be a place to care for sick animals, for people with low income, sterilization and vaccination of their dogs, with its own staff, managed by people who truly love animals as well as recognized foundations. Not a place where animals just disappear.... Close the Bordenave dogpound in Puán, Province of Buenos Aires; animals not only live in disastrous conditions but in permanent risk of death; no person is allowed in, thus trying to hide the horrifying reality and making adoption of the dogs impossible! Relocate!  Spain. These types of atrocities should Not go unpunished! Spain. For controlled breeding. It should not be possible to buy a dog from a breeder, or from a private individual, if in 60 km of your home there is a dogpound or rescue with a dog of the desired type Argentina. Councilman Miguel Saredi, Vice President II of the HCD of La Matanza, presented on Monday, the draft Ordinance calling for the prohibition and sale of fireworks and rocketry in the Party of La Matanza
                    ===========   News and more   ============ France. Poll, once more. Should hunting with dogs be banned? Oui=yes please Now 54%!

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