Friday, January 19, 2018

Petitions and More, January 19  Calling for vital legal protection for cats and dogs in South Korea!  1/18/18 HR 1406 Target Group List: Non-Cosponsoring Democrats #23 - #27  Calls and Emails  From Nom Aly: More emphasis on a healthier alternative like vegetables. On a related subject, I would like to remind you: HR1406 is sitting in the House AG Committee, Please Review & Mark it up  Solitary confinement. Baby monkeys. Forced nicotine addiction. Restraint chairs... and You paid for it Netherlands. The infamous pig baron Straathof has plans to build a new megastal in Erichem, where 20,000 pigs died during a barn fire!  First, last name, skip, email, city, country, last box check (remove first)  US=-info. Wildlife officials, protect whales by reassessing and updating crab fishery practices to reduce entanglements! Canada-info. Help secure a historic investment for nature protection in Canada Trump Administration: Keep safety regulations for offshore drilling! Germany. Stop the construction of a tower in the Urbach Protected Area. To confirm Colombia. Save the Villa Lorena Refuge before it's too late! Villa Lorena is a refuge located in Cali - Valle del Cauca, which for more than 20 years independently and with private resources has been responsible for providing care and love to more than 430 animals that suffered abuse by man! Uruguay. Mayor of Río Negro: Do ​​not close the Second Opportunity Refuge! Colombia. Mayor of Mocoa : urgent need to create a shelter for animals in Mocoa after the disaster ! Russia. The general director of the group of companies "Transsibural" Sergey Mazurkevich plans to create the largest complex for 'sports' and trophy hunting in the Sverdlovsk region, the Urals!
Mexico. Revoke the permit for the logging of 2 thousand hectares of forest in Xilitla, SLP! Brazil. Reserve. Create a program aimed at the free castration of abandoned animals and animals from low income families! Mexico. Brozo, remove your taurino section from your 'sports' program! Indonesia. Jakarta. Provide harsh punishment for this animal torturer, uphold the law! Baltimore. Find Kids Who Set Cat on Fire!
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