Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Petitions and More, January 24  1) Call for a Dog-Meat Free Indonesia 2) Close Indonesia’s Cruel Live Animal Markets (scroll down please!) Urgent, The Board of Supervisors of Public Safety and the Neighborhood Services Committee is set to vote on the initiative to Ban the sale of fur in San Fransisco; please call or email! San Francisco, Ban the sale of fur! Polish agriculture minister, Krzysztof Jurgiel, limit the length of calves and lambs transport to a maximum of 8 hours! Russia. Prohibit by law the mass baiting and killing of animals for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia! ( The ministry is allocating about 100 million rubles for the elimination of homeless animals!) Russia. Legislatively prohibit mass baiting with poison of stray animals for the World Cup 2018; for this budget, it is possible to safely catch, vaccinate and sterilize these animals. Instead, they suffer a long painfull death, fully conscious, from suffocation, and the killers receive 500 rubles for each corpse! Sept. 1 2017 the mass bloody killings of stray dogs and cats began throughout Russia for the World Football Cup 2018; local authorities of the cities destroy animals using barbaric methods, shooting, poisoning and wounding them, to be thrown in garbage dumps/containers while still alive! Argentina. San Miguel de Tucumán. We need a solution through a program of ethical control of dogs and cats as a policy of the city, which lowers the number of abandoned animals, injured, suffering hunger, diseases and acts of abuse Spain.  City Hall of San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante). A decent life for cats, apply catch, neuter, return! Argentina. Zarrate. Argentina. Stop hunting hares during winter with almost starved greyhounds!  Mexico. Municipal and State Authorities of Jalisco and Jalisience State Congress. Justice for dog Negrito, 'children' blowing up his mouth and face with a heavy barrel! Adjust the laws! Mexico. Protest! YouTube channels like this POISON (Dog Breeds)  promote animal abuse through videos that show Dogfighting, even for minors!  France. Mayor of Boujan-sur-Libron, Herault. Stop the practicing of  torture sessions, stop  bullfights, novilladas and other bull games! 1st torture session in 2018, scheduled for February 4th! France. Arsacq -Arraziguet, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Mayor, stop these torture sessions with Bulls! 1st session of torture is Febr. 18th! France. Gamarde Les Bains, des Landes. For a total ban on torture sessions, bullfights, novilladas and other bull games! The next will be on March 18th! France. Gers, Aignan. Mayor, stop the bull torture sessions, stop the bullfights, novilladas and other bull games! 1st torture session in 2018, scheduled for April 1st! Télévie Belgium. Since 1989, Télévie has organized fundraising campaigns to help research in its fight against cancer and leukemia; funded by people who do Not know that animal experimenters are thus funded and therefore that mice, rats,
fish, sheep, sows, and others animals, will be the victims! Japan. Save birds, wildlife from lead poisoning , no more lead bullets Russia. For a ban on the Dairy Industry Italy. Punishment by law for Fish poaching, severe depletion! Mexico. Request the Government of Puebla to build a veterinary hospital with affordable costs Ask U.S. Congressman STEVE KING to Cosponsor H.Res.401 and H.R.1406 to End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade
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