Monday, January 22, 2018

Petitions and More, January 22

After signing a petition, click right on the upper arrow pointing to your left, to choose the list again for the next action or petition   Final tweet sheet for Norway’s wolves/2018! Retweets. Republicans Highest HSLF Scores, Group # 23 - # 42 and 7 Key Reps (warning: graphic!) Do you know how it feels to be burned alive? Boiled alive? Skinned Alive? Dismembered alive? Cosponsor HR1406 !  Use Google translate Click left on the grey lining, drag down or up, to the second page!  Click on thumbs up, 3rd,  where it says: Zhu Lieyu, animal abuse... Yulin. Use (add-on) Google tranlate. Accept. Carry on. Sample letter in Chinese:  Just copy/paste, or use your own. Receiving Department: scroll down for Yulin.... All filled in, send, it will say: 提交成功!  Submitted successfully . Okay France. Protest! The 2018 Bullfighting season in France opens on Sunday, February 4, 2018 at Magescq in the Landes with an Illegal "spectacle" of Tienta and Novillada during which cows will suffer acts of cruelty and serious abuse inflicted by pikes and six bulls from two to three years old will be tortured to death by acts of cruelty and serious abuse! To confirm Once more. US-info. Oppose Riders Taking Aim at Endangered Wolves and the ESA! US-info. There are just over 100 Mexican gray wolves living in the wild -- but Sen. Jeff Flake just introduced legislation to erase their Endangered Species Act protections! Don't push Mexican gray wolves over the brink. Reject S. 2277!  Use Box 2, sample given. Montana. 2018-2019 Proposed Biennial Quotas, Hunting Season Dates, and Hunting District Boundary Changes– Proposed  ( Please support the proposal for a quota of 2 wolves in unit 316 and 2 in unit 313—the two units bordering Yellowstone. Wolves are killed elsewhere in Montana as well! Wolves just take very few livestock, and ranchers are reimbursed for confirmed or even probable loss. Besides, Wolves (and Mountain lions) lower the rates of elk and deer infected with Chronic Wasting Disease! Netherlands. Better enforcement of the law in case of neglect of animals! In the Netherlands there is no action against people who neglect animals, the government has chosen to write letters instead! To confirm Needs 100,000 signatures! Ban the sale of animal fur in the UK. To confirm. Template ZIP:  AA1 1AA Needs 300,000. For a total ban on all neonicotinoid pesticides killing bees in Europe US-info. Vote ‘”NO” on the SEA Act, oppose H.R. 3133 , protect endangered Whales from seismic surveys! Stop Industries from Getting a Free Pass to Kill Birds, Stop the Bird-Killer Amendment The Magpie river, targeted as the site of a major hydroelectric project France. Parentis en Born, the Landes, No to subsidizing the roof for the spectators in the arena, Stop bullfighting! Abolition of bullfighting in Colombia In compliance with Law 1774 of 2016!  Justice and Equality.  For an universal law on more severe penalties (including ‘treatment’...) for those who commit cruelty to animals Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo, Federal District of Mexico City. Allow "For those who do not have a voice" to continue their adoption campaigns, as they did in Lincoln Park for 8 years, enabling over 5000 adoptions for rescued dogs!  Protest email to send to Argentina. To achieve the implementation of an Animal Public Health Directorate, with the creation of a program for the care of domestic animals Argentina. Condemn the known murderers of hundreds of animals in the Bicentenario neighborhood of Posadas!
Mexico. Municipality of Zacatelco. No more animal abuse Mexico. No more (animals from) petstores .... France. Naya was stolen from its owners by an association of animal protection, this association acted without investigation in advance but on testimonies of neighbors of the owner of Naya  .........? Russia. Prohibit mobile zoos by law Italy. Official support needed for a shelter in Sassari Italy. Warnings on disposal containers: do not dispose of animals, call these (rescue) organizations (with their contact info)! Stop these animal mills, Reptiles by Mack, from abusing and killing these innocent animals. They don't have a voice so be their voice
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