Monday, January 15, 2018

Petitions and More, January 15 Mexico. Urge for an end of the cruel spectacle Torneo del Lazo Update, take action, Help Us Spread the Truth about Trophy Hunting! US-info. Tell the U.S. Department of the Interior to Uphold Trophy Import Bans! US-info. Don't put an anti-environmental lawyer in charge of our public lands, oppose the potential nomination of Karen Budd-Falen to direct the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)! Against the killing of wild animals used to train Russian hunting dogs. To confirm US-info. Last Chance to Save the Organic Animal Rule! As a citizen who cares about animal welfare, climate change and biodiversity, I commit to eating less or no meat at all Tell McDonald's to give the U.S. some vegan options If not signed yet. B.C. government is proposing to increase wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island!  Urgent: Do not start to massacre the dogs in the public dogpound in Feteni-Valcea, Romania! Email,,  Urgent!  Contact Contact  Or use Facebook:  Nu începe să ucizi câinii în dogma de la Feteni-Valcea! Spain. Stop hunting! About 200 animals were killed in an organized hunt, Dec. 30, in the burned land of the Sierra de Huelva, owned by the Junta de Andalucía. The majority of these animals were pregnant females and young males! Russia. I demand to investigate and prosecute Elena Chepurov for the disappearance of dogs, St. Petersburg! Russia.  Ivanovo. Cruel sadistic treatment of the dog found near Timiryazev Street, dog beaten or kicked, crushed teeth, provoking additional swelling, necrosis has set in! Russia. Ban training stations with wildlife for hunting dogs by law, review the decision of the Federation Council ! Russia. Moscow. Help animals forced to live outside without sufficient food and care, help to identify the owner, forcing him/her to sell them, or to pay for stables and food! There are probably 15 more animals in this situation! Belarus. Mogilev region. Charge under criminal responsibility, and terminate the employment contract with the head of the OJSC Voskhod, Mogilev district, Viktor Ryabtsev, who brutally shot the dogs on a farm in the Mogilev region! 
Mexico. TDN Televisa, stop broadcasting bullfights; only programs without violence Spain. Prohibit the sale of animals from pet shops (puppy mills), instead, adopt Turkey. Atlantis, Mehmet Efendi Street, complaint against a 'clinic' , dog shaved, wounds stapled Spain. Insurance company. My dog, my cats, are part of my family, they are sentient beings, start acting according to this Spain. Approve financial aid to cover expenses for pets, like food, veterinary expenses, microchip implantation etc., for the less fortunate households Bijou’s Law, to have Pet Groomers licensed
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