Saturday, January 6, 2018

Petitions and More, January 6  1/4/18: HR 1406 Group List: Non-cosponsoring Democrats #7 - #12  Calls and emails! Sample letter provided  Sample letter to reply with, Golden Retriever clubbed for several hours by police officer in China, Hunan, until it died US-info. Emergency Action to Protect Central Herd: End West Side Hunting, Harassment & Stop Yellowstone's Slaughter Plans! Call or email Dan Wenk and tell him to stand up for America’s National Mammal and pull out of the IBMP now! 1) Veterinarian Arrested for Shooting Dog Next Door 2) Woman Abandons 16 Dogs to Their Deaths in Foreclosed Home!  No World Dog Show in China Until Animal Protection Laws Are Passed!  In Defense of Animals, alerts Taiwanese Government, Ban Deadly Pigeon Races Over the Ocean! US-info. Protect our coasts from offshore drilling US-info. Protect our public waters by canceling the OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Five Year Program 2019-2024! ZIP=5 digits. Deepwater Horizon Rules Rollback Italy. Stop the plans of the ‘presidents’ of the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano to exterminate the Wolf (and bear), use alternatives, relocate! Russia. Prohibit the production of clothes made of natural fur and animal skin Russia. Make the care for pets in testaments legally binding  Adopt a law banning the importation into Ukraine of products tested on animals Russia. Cancel the new edition of the Red Book, from which several species of rare animals are excluded now, like the Himalayan bear, the reindeer, the forest goose, the Caucasian chamois, the Caucasian noble deer, the kloktun and the ordinary turtledove, already being the target of poachers and swindlers! Spain. El Escorial. No to using Animals at the parade Canada Goose: stop using real fur and become a Fur Free Retailer! Treat Pets More Like Children in Divorce Elephant Rides In Thailand Have Got To End Japan. Don't Use Animals as Props at Game Day
                   =========  News and more    ========== Vote please, Do you think we should ban hunting with hounds? Vote yes=oui! France


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