Thursday, February 1, 2018

Petitions and More, February 1 US-info. Oppose dangerous federal legislation that would wipe out animal protection laws, Oppose HR 3599 !  The countdown to PyeongChang 2018 has begun. On their website, there is now a list of all the participating athletes. Let's ask these athletes to speak out against the cruel dog and cat meat trade in South Korea!  #HR1406 Target, Highest Republican HSLF Scores List # 83 - 104 with Message: Do you hear their cries for help? Listen. Feel their despair. Take Action. Are you a protector of the innocent? Companion animals waiting for you to help! If not signed yet. Ask the Ontario Government to Ban Outdoor Dog Chaining, End Sled Dog Abuse! Germany. Thousands of horses are still tortured to death to produce hormones for the pharmaceutical industry , we demand a ban !   Netflix: stop threatening the lives of howler monkeys! US-info. We won't stand for drilling in our oceans! Protest. Exposure to exhaust fumes of ten macaques during 4 hours! We ask the CEOs of the automotive industry to immediately stop the use of any animal in the automotive industry for any test! To confirm Protest. The 2018 bullfighting season in France will begin in a week, on Febr. 4 at Magesq, the Landes, where bullfights are Illegal, as in most municipalities that announce bullfighting for 2018! France. Against factory farming with 40 000 laying hens in Coeuvres-et-Valsery ! France.  Adopt a new decree, prohibiting breeding and possession of any new cetaceans and providing for the expansion of the basins for animals still captive! Monkeys abused in exhaust tests for Volkswagen - be active! Elephants Reportedly Tased, Screaming in Pain for Circuses  The State Bar of California to suspend license of Kenneth Morgan Phillips (#72251) for unethical advertising of services with anti-pit bull propaganda!  Argentina. That the events that happen inside this pseudo religion, the 'Church of the End of Time' are revealed: they hunt dogs and eat them in adoration to their god Andres! Turkey. Investigate the massacre of dogs and cats in the dogpound of the Kilis Municipality!  Countless dogs and cats were killed and discarded! Actitud Animal Baradero is an NGO located in a strategic location in the city of Baradero, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, rescuing animals in critical health conditions, on the verge of death, giving them a new chance. Protest against the eviction (because of a student house next door!) You Tube is allowing Scott Rockholm, a wolf killer/hater and profiteer of wolf hatred to have a channel and post video after video falsely maligning the nature of the wolf creating undue fear and hatred for this essential predator! Excessive police action and violence towards a person who lives in the street and his dog! Save la Pradera! Bea Heyder has been sheltering and caring for abandoned, abused, injured animals for seven years in Meis, called "La Pradera". Neighbors, harassing her constantly, have filed a complaint with the City of Meis, for "annoying activities", not justified! Mexico. More than a monument, a sanctuary for the heroes of the earthquake, the dogs! Iraly. Stop funding intensive factory farming of chickens France. Save the Wild South Central Massif by creating permanent positions - CRSFSC Germany. Respect climate protection goal until 2020 - promised is promised
               =========    News and more   ========== #HRes401 After the mark up from the Foreign Affairs Committee in Nov. 2017, there are 3 new Cosponsors as of 1/30/18! Until we are told otherwise to specifically hold back from Rep outreach, please continue to help gain support for it to ensure the Resolution's passage on the House Floor

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