Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Petitions and More, January 10  4 Retweets, #China #GoldenRetriever lets expose China, they deserve nothing but global shame! Retweets, complete list. Enough is Enough. China You are being Watched and Exposed and Ayone who Loves Being Humane and Compassionate Must Address this....Now!  Please retweet... ( the list of "7" )  Support HR 1406, USA, end the insanity Please ask these Reps to Cosponsor HR1406,  HRes 401 Animal cruelty, pig farming - stop the suffering in Brandenburg Germany! Young Australian donkeys battered and slashed in China to produce "medicine" !  If not signed yet. Needs a 130,000 messages. Germany, conversion of livestock farming must be in the coalition agreement - with a precise timetable, secured funding and specific requirements as to which laws need to be amended. To confirm US-info. Do not put a climate denier in charge of the Council on Environmental Quality Russia. Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg. Investigate this case, justice for the stolen dog Rex, tied up with a rope on it’s tail, blown up with firecrackers, frozen to death! Spain. Madrid. AENA is asked to ethically manage all the animals that in one way or another arrive at the airport complex, and to allow the care for them, there are solutions to the 'problems'! France. Dep. of the North and Pas-de- Calais, allow feeding of abandoned and feral cats, which will be de-sexed by the Foundation 30 Million friends  (for free)  Protest! France. Each year, in the bullring of Tarascon (13150), during the first fortnight of July, the "Féria de la Jouvènço" is held where young bulls are put to death in horrible suffering Russia. We ask you to introduce the post of Commissioner for Animal Protection! Italy. Prison for abusers and torturers of animals, proposed Law of popular initiative  Mexico. Requesting a different calandrias in Acapulco, stop these malnourished, exhausted horses from suffering, let them be rescued by some society! Stop the Jineteadas in Argentina! Germany. Protest! Bears are no longer allowed to stay in the Anholter Bear Forest Sanctuary! Russia. Moscow. Do not build a new oceanarium  France. No wind turbines in Thiérache, requesting recognition of a protected status for Thiérache as Regional Park, also because of the richness of its flora and fauna Spain. Mapfre Insurance, continue the medical insurance for my dog Alexa, suffering from pancreatitis! Ecuador. Quito. Do not allow the use of dogs to display merchandise, let them use stuffed animals  Facebook, Stop Suspending The Accounts Of Animal Activists Who Dare Speak Out About Trophy Hunters Don't Let Pets Starve - Include Pet Food in SNAP Benefits!  Pledge To Keep Pets Inside During The Cold Stop Canada Restaurants Butchering & Serving Live Animals!  Scruffles the dog died while at PetSmart for grooming
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