Thursday, January 11, 2018

Petitions and More, January 11  Email message, evtl. change the subject (and text) Scroll down for 11 retweets of Andrea Madruga, 4 January, Tell Your Representatives the Only way to Be a Renowned Statesman/Stateswoman is By Fairness‼️ Decorum ‼️Compassion ‼️Ask Them To Cosponsor HR1406 To Prohibit the Consumption If Dogs&Cats in the USA ! Nom Aly: Help RT to Non-Cosponsoring Democrats & 7 Key Reps, Jan. 10 US-info. Oppose Riders Taking Aim at Endangered Wolves and the ESA! US-info. Please oppose anti-wildlife and anti-Endangered Species Act riders in FY2018 appropriations bills Once more. EPA: Replace Animals in Chemical Testing ZIP=5 digits. Protect America’s Oceans from Countless New Oil Spills I support a big investment in Canada’s protected areas in Budget 2018 Protest! The EU wants to use the forests even more for the production of wood as fuel, to the detriment of nature. Stop the bioenergy policy of the EU! Stop inefficient burning of our forests and our food for energy! Germany. Osnabrück. Introduce the humane Augsburg program for city doves, offer the pigeons an habitat and the city the possibility to reduce the feces by 80%! To confirm
 Please co-sponsor and strongly support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, HR 1942 to make it illegal for horses or their meat to be sold or transported in interstate commerce by any person who knows that the horses or horsemeat are intended for human consumption! ZIP=5 digits. Do not scrap the organic animal welfare rule proposed in 2016! Russia. Protest! The authorities of Krasnoyarsk, a millionaire's city without a shelter where animals can be cared for, have allocated two million for the catching and brutal murder of puppies! This tender is won by the same people who already have a scandalous reputation! Russia. Return the endangered animals to the Red Book of protected species by law again; create Wildlife reserves against the hunting lobby and stop destroying forests! Let's save the Thomas van der Hammen Forest Reserve, an urban forest project in the city of Bogotá, 1,395 hectares Chile. Stop the ambitious projects of building a hotel in the Dunes of Ritoque  Germany. More transparency in construction planning in the natural area of ​​Weißenmoor / Südbäke in Oldenburg Brazil. Keep the presence of a veterinarian, technician-RT, in stores that sell live animals and medicines for animals, do not place animals and society at eminent risk
          =======  News and more   ======== 1/10/18 Urgent. Plush has been alerted about the butcher holding about 26 dogs. Until there is a law, buying their freedom is the only option with butchers and slaughterhouses! To help Plush save these dogs from a horrific death, please send your contributions to:   Stray dogs foundation, Thailand


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