Saturday, January 13, 2018

Petitions and More, January 13  Olympic teams, take a stand and speak out against the cruel dog and cat meat trade in South Korea, the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, PyeongChang 2018! 1/12/18 Group List: Non-Cosponsoring Democrats #18 - #22, please co-sponsor HR1406! (sample letter provided)  European Union,  impose a total ban on animal testing for the development of cleaning products, including their ingredients, as it is already in force for cosmetic products! Urge the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, to Stop Trapping Beavers! 1) Kick Out Shelter President Complicit in Death of 16 Dogs 2) US-info. Jail People Who Abuse and Torture Animals for Sick Fun! USDA, Prevent the rollback of farm animal protections! France. Support the delegation of VigilOust which will be present on Monday in Brittany to meet you to give weight to the request for abrogation and ending the mining projects in Brittany  Mississippi’s New Zombie Saga: The Return of the Yazoo Pumps, it will destroy between 67,000 and 200,000 wetland acres and cost U.S. taxpayers $220 million just to build it! OCS oil and gas leasing program 2019-2024: Stop the Trump Administration from opening our oceans to Big Oil! Russia. Protest!  100 million to kill homeless animals on the eve of the 2018 World Cup Football (summer)! End the practice of brutal, useless violence against homeless animals in Russia and their barbaric destruction! Use the money for the alternatives given! Argentina. Urgently review the case of the  "Perros Comunitarios" in the city of Curuzú Cuatiá , since a valid municipal ordinance is being disregarded. They want to get rid of any dog found in the area of ​​the terminal; comply with the Municipal Ordinance - Protection of Community Dogs!  Chisinau City Hall. Dogs are Getting Brutally Murdered In Moldova! Find a humane solution to this issue, no to extermination centers! Create the national commission for animal rights in the United Mexican States by legislation Uruguay. Bring Matias Ramirez to justice for animal abuse, torture Impose a ban on the sale of wild animals in Ukraine! Ban hunting in Cyprus – stop animal cruelty!  France. Let's turn animal breeding and slaughter industries into 'noble places' Argentina. For a decree that prohibits the sale of pyrotechnics, to celebrate without it, to avoid  discomfort and injuries of animals and persons Colorado's Rivers Need You To Fight For Them
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