Friday, January 5, 2018

Petitions and More, January 5 #HR1406 Plse help RT, Twitter Targets--> Non-Cosponsoring Democrats: Compassion is the key to restore humanity, can you feel their suffering? Offer them ur hand. Lend them ur voice. Will you answer their call for help to outlaw dog cat meat trade? Global Fight includes USA!
(  Congressman Alcee L. Hastings: Today, I wrote a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, urging them to bring my bipartisan legislation calling for an end of the dog and cat meat trade both here at home and around the globe to the floor without delay) Scroll down to sign.  Suspend Experimenters' Animal Use Privileges if They Violate the Rules! Post you comment on their Fb page! Urge Texas A&M University to Close Dog Laboratories! Leave a message for them on Fb!  Stop Joe Kornegay and his experimenters from using and breeding any more golden retrievers for different types of muscular dystrophy (MD), including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)!  Studies (lasting for 30 years now, during which he repeatedly stretches these poor creatures with a motorized lever in order to cause muscle tears!) with these suffering, underfed, crippled dogs kept in barren cages haven’t led to any cure or even a treatment to reverse disease symptoms!  France. The suffering is real : these experiments on dogs at the National Veterinary School in Alfort are financed by Telethon! Crushed and smothered geese at a Canada Goose down supplier  Tell Spyder to Ditch Fox Fur  Needs more signatures. Animal Equality’s new investigation reveals systemic disregard for pig welfare laws! US-info. Needs more attention. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Must Recommit to Red Wolf Recovery in the Wild! US-info. Please Oppose Rep. Curtis's Bears Ears Giveaway Bill (H.R. 4532) US-info. Trump Administration Plans to Open Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic to Offshore Drilling ZIP=5 digits. Stop Trump's Plan to Expand Drilling Off U.S. Coasts ZIP=5 digits. Oppose Commercial Logging in Maine's Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument! Stop the Trump Administration from opening our oceans to Big Oil! Keep offshore drilling OUT of our waters! Russia. Stop the massacre of animals in the city of Bugulma! Russia. The impunity of the livestock keepers of the Kostroma region leads to new crimes, police, act, investigate the massacre of dogs, identify the (known) killers! Russia. We demand to impose punishment for high-ranking officials and those deputies who fuel animosity towards animals, calling for cruelty and violence! Russia. Legislation prohibiting the killing of brown bears and their cubs in lairs! Cruel treatment of animals, toughen legislation in Belarus! Japan. Stop the terrifying slaughter of thousands of dolphins and other cetaceans in the death bay, in Taiji, a massacre with a duration of six months! Justice for Mako, a beautiful Malinois who worked for 7 years in the army and who, at his retirement, found himself in the hands of an executioner! Turkey. Istanbul Kucukcekmece. Police, take action against Sefaköy for killing this dog and discarding it like trash! Russia. We need a dog park in Balakovo  (safe from dogkillers)! Turkey. Include Animal rights and welfare in the primary school lessons! Turkey. We need to shelter stray dogs under humane conditions, care, feeding de-sexing, in Iznik Municipality Spain. City Council of Basauri, Basque country, prohibit the use and mistreatment of animals in the Olentzero at Christmas! France. For a law against the sale of puppies in petshops! Prohibit the activities of the Kharkiv Communist Party "CENTER FOR COMPLIANCE WITH ANIMALS" for the slaughter of homeless animals throughout the territory of Ukraine  Clean Boot Hunting to replace ALL forms of hunting with Foxhounds Golden Globes: Don't Honor "The Greatest Showman" for Romanticizing PT Barnum's Animal Cruelty
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