Monday, January 1, 2018

Petitions and More, January 1  Retweets for HR 1406 Dogs are our Best Friends, They Will Be Faithful and True to the Last Beat Of Their Heart. We owe it to Them to Be worth Of Such Devotion Very graphic! Please Retweet... (Marc's list +) #HR1406 #HRes401! Click on ‘see more’ Asking All Advocates to Flood The Main Chinese News Media with visual imagery .This will be a Great time to Hit Their News Media In Numbers....WE have not done this in awhile so for all the Butchers who laugh and film to show us their immunity, hoping we are pissed off enough and throw up our hands, let's throw it back to their people to see.... US-info. If not signed yet. Fund Low-Cost Spay/Neuter to Save Lives & Tax Dollars in New Mexico! More, go back to Petitions after signing each (again) Protest. IKEA is one of the largest catering companies in Germany and Europe. In 2011, the company promised to raise its animal welfare standards for broiler chickens. Up till now, the company has not improved anything! To confirm Urge These Travel Companies to Stop Promoting Cruel Elephant Rides Today Needs many more signatures. We advocate that under the law in Germany  an animal will be no longer treated as a good or thing, but as a living being. To confirm Request for a Ban on the private New Year's Eve fireworks in Germany  Support the requests of Walter Bond, Animal Liberation Front activist, will be isolated even more, started a hunger strike in the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI Greenville)! Mexico. From Animal Care Center to Municipal Slaughterhouse of Morelia!  Stop the operative and direct intervention of Katia Ottiz, she is causing animal abuse, preventing animal welfare, public morals and good use of public resources! Turkey. Raping animals should result in a major penalty! Turkey. Adana Metropolitan Municipality. We need a full-time municipal veterinarian in the Ceyhan municipality! Colombia. Mr. Mayor of Pitalito, Huila, Miguel Rico: How many cases of mistreatment and death of four-legged angels must occur in order for you to support the Santa Marta Pitalito Refuge, the only shelter in Pitalito and the south of Huila! Spain.  Reintroduction of the Iberian wolf in Álava (Stop the killing, protect them) Mexico. Request  for free veterinarian services in Querétaro Italy. Ensure conscientious objection for the animal husbandry sector in agricultural technical institutes, respect the ethical choices of the students Brazil. Geraldo Alckmin and 7 others: Approve the Second Meatless Alckmin!
More fire protection in the jewel of the Aragonese ecotourism!
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