Saturday, January 27, 2018

Petitions and More, January 27

It might be easier to sign the petitions on Facebook, skip the general link. Scroll down and click on ‘see more’ for the 3 different segments where the petitions are listed in 'categories' 
------ Once again.  President Joko Widodo, end the dog meat trade in Indonesia Ask the US Government to Deny an Import Permit for a Black Rhino Trophy from Namibia, requested by Lacy Harber US-info. The Senate unanimously passed S. 654, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act. Please ask leadership to bring the House version of this bill, HR 1494, to the floor as quickly as possible Urgent! Scroll down, at your left: (tweet and) add your name. Bosnian parliamentarians will take the final vote which – if passed- means fur farming will be allowed for a further ten years! If not signed yet. San Francisco, ban the sale of fur! 1) Ready, Set, Ban! End the Dog & Cat Meat Trade in South Korea! 2) US-info. End the Imprisonment of Big Cats Retweets. Republicans Highest HSLF Scores, Group # 43 - # 68 with Message "Make the Global Torture Stop; use your heart to feel, use your eyes to see, use your mind to understand the suffering. Pls use your hands to sign HR1406 Cosponsorship to save 30 Million precious lives!” Atlanta, find a more ecologically responsible, effective way to deal with coyotes in the neighborhoods, by promoting coexistence through education, it's possible! US-info. Needs more attention. State of New Mexico, take action to implement new statewide spay-neuter funding mechanisms to decrease companion animal overpopulation, a statewide problem! Animal Welfare under the Belgium constitution  UK. (Register or login...) Ban the sale of animal fur  I fully support Animals Lebanon's campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation. The petition will remain open until the law is enacted so please sign too!  Bulgaria. Allow the safe relocation and transport of these 2 lion cubs  (unclick the boxes below your signature, if not interested!)
If you notice that the next day you’re automatically logged in, please logout and login the correct way again, else petitions might remain unsigned (after ‘signing’) ...! Spain. Change the laws, add  penalties with jailtime for any type of mistreatment of any animal Turkey. Eskişehir. Anadolu University. Arrest the  2nd  class student to be prosecuted for torturing and killing cats! As well. Turkey. Mersin Municipality. This teacher, Durmus Ahmet, dragging a dog behind his car, has only be fined, we want a prison term! Russia. Bring to justice those who committed the murder of a bear in the Republic of Yakutia! Turkey. Antalya. Justice for this horse, Zulma, died (4 people on the horse) Spain. Let's avoid the bullfighting festivities at Brunete's parties Italy. Ban the breeding and sale of unweaned chicks
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