Monday, January 29, 2018

Petitions and More, January 29  Retweets. Aiming For the High Scoring Republicans who are holding out... Help send previous emails, 2 sample letters provided, scroll down please. (Dear Representative, I am respectfully asking that you please cosponsor H.R.1406 ) Retweets, HR 1406, Republicans Highest HSLF Scores, Group # 69 - # 82 with Message. Companion animals suffering in silence globally w/out ur Voice! Will U stand up against animal cruelty & outlaw dog cat meat trade? This is not about food, this is about the Torture! France. We demand to end the shooting and killing of Wolves, a species covered by a strict protection regime under Article 12 of Directive 92/43 / EC of 21 May 1992! Stop yielding to the lobbying of hunters, ranchers and some supporters for zero wolves; wolves are necessary to maintain balance in nature! To confirm New petitions for Animals, all to confirm! Stop Yulin, China, finally end this dog meat ‘festival’ ! Against the killing of abandoned dogs in Europe! Neuter and spay obligation for cats in Germany! Stop the agony - against cruel animal transports! Let’s get to 50,000 sign. The transport of the lion cubs and 1 more lion, born in the illegal Razgrad Zoo, Bulgaria, to rescue center Felida in the Netherlands, has been canceled!  US-info. Action alerts for wildlife and environment Update. The Countdown Has Begun! Let’s expose South Korea’s appalling cruelty to the world! Russia. Make the punishment for torturing and abusing an animal the same as in the case of a human! The penalties are not high enough! Spain. Protest, emails provided! ASPAYM decided to hold a bullfight in Toledo to obtain funds, on March 24 Stop the dog and cat meat trade in Indonesia, close the extreme market in Tomohon! Spain. Penalties imposed under the current Penal Code are still insufficient for animal abuse and torture! Brazil. Justice for the animals killed on 28 Jan. in the residence of a lady who rescues dogs in Trindade – Goiás! Mexico. Appoint MVZ Isidro Castro, to lead the Agency for animal welfare and responsible ownership in Mexico City, decorated, over 50 years of teaching experience, non-partisan, objective, a conciliatory person Mexico. Protest! Recently, the Director of Security declared in the media that in our city Chihuahua, the police is authorized to shoot animals; this is against legislation! Spain. Irrigation ponds, death traps! Take obligatory and punishable protection measures to avoid drowning tragedies for animals and people, such as: adequate closing, fencing, installation of warning signs and prohibition of access, use of floats, ropes, ladders, ballasts and staircases Spain.  We want to have the disappearance of Chispi, the dog that we gave in adoption through a contract to Jesica Sanchez Rodriguez, investigated  Russia. Ban the use of wild animals in the circus Spain. No to linking the cities of Burgos and Vitoria through the High Speed ​​line, AVE, it's seriously threatening the ecosystem of La Bureba! Spain. No to the artificial viewpoint on the cliffs of the Hoces del Rio Duratón Natural Park, leave wildlife and nature alone! Don't Murder Grizzlies – Demand Wyoming Abandon Plans for Trophy Hunt Volkswagen Forced Monkeys to Inhale Diesel Fumes in Failed Experiment Unacceptable, 31 counts of felony animal cruelty were dismissed! Violet the Dog Almost Died After Owner Dyed Her Purple Don't Let Trump Open Our Coasts to Big Oil
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Reminder, China, please vote every 24 hours. Drag up to the SECOND page (use the grey lining or the red hand with arrow in the middle), and click on the thumbs up at Nr  3 !   (Zhu Lieyu, on animal abuse! ) The Harmony Fund. Ukrain. Shelter Staff Run Down by Car & Dogs Shot!


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