Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Petitions and More, January 3 Activists for H.R. 1406, Non-Cosponsoring Democrats have been added, to tweet, to contact or call NOAA is asking for public comments to be submitted by January 8, 2018! 42 California sea lions will be killed per year for eating fish that humans would rather have, but killing sea lions will not save endangered salmon! State of Oregon, Willamette Falls US-info. Co-sponsor the Recovering America's Wildlife Act H.R. 4647 Once more. Stop Funding Cruel, Wasteful Experiments on Dogs Please ask s.Oliver to replace wool with animal friendly materials France. Ask mayors to ban bullfights (click at your right please) You can use all cities, one at a time If not signed yet. Stop the mink farms in Europe! If the European Commission recognizes that the American mink is an invasive species, this would be the crucial step towards a Europe free of fur farms! To confirm US-info. Stop the destruction of environmental protections Mexico. The kennels were created to prevent dogs from living in the street, not to be killed in horrific ways for not having an owner! Turkey. Requesting legal regulations and rights for animals, in addition to the 5199 numbered law, see our proposals! Turkey. Pets, or stray animals, can not be considered as property or goods concerning animal cruelty; it should carry the same penalties and fines, and imprisonment! Turkey. Severe punishment for animal torturer Ahmet Oğuzhan Ceylan and all these sadists! Russia. St. Petersburg  and 2 others. Rescue nesting Chibis birds, prohibit grass mowing on road junctions until June 21 Spain. Valencia. Introduce an optional vegan diet in centers and residences for the elderly  Introduction of silent only fireworks for the enjoyment of all Spain.  For a total ban on the use and sale of firecrackers, pyrotechnics, in Almendralejo Protecting Nature Can't Wait: Urge Congress to Act in 2018 Demand punishment for the Dog Slaughterer who brutally beat a harmless golden retriever to death
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