Monday, April 7, 2014

Romania, ASPA Project Coordinator Razvan Bancescu, concerns!

Subject:   Concerns about ASPA Project Coordinator Razvan Bancescu
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Subject: Concerns about ASPA Project Coordinator Razvan Bancescu

Mayor of Bucharest, 
Sir, Madam,
To whom it may concern,
This letter concerns all the lies ASPA Project Coordinator Razvan Bancescu is spreading:

- he is openly accusing Romanian NGO's and rescuers of selling stray dogs to laboratories in Germany, Denmark and Belgium, in an attempt to justify illegally blocking certain NGO's and individuals from adopting dogs from ASPA shelters. He claims to have evidence, but refuses to share it with anyone!

To clarify the situation on animal testing for scientific purposes, Article 11 of EU Directive 2010/63/EU prohibits the use of strays animals on experiments!
(Article 11 -Stray and feral animals of domestic species 1. Stray and feral animals of domestic species shall not be used in procedures).

Furthermore, it is widely known that Beagles are the most common breed used on experiments (

Sadly, animal testing in the above mentioned countries is NOT ILLEGAL, and therefore, it is highly unlikely for pharmaceutical companies to purchase Romanian strays on the 'black market'.
Perhaps Bancescu can explain as to why these companies will opt to illegally import Romanian strays when they are allowed breed their own animals, which is much more cost effective to them.

By accusing the Romanian NGO's and rescuers of sending strays to other countries for experiments, without any proof/evidence, he is not only lying and defaming the local people and legitimate NGO's, but also implying that pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe are breaking EU legislation by testing on strays!

We therefore urge Bancescu to either produce evidence of who these people and companies are, or, apologise to the rescuers and lift the illegal ban!

Furthermore, we believe the actual reason behind blocking adoptions in ASPA shelters, is the fact that killing dogs is more profitable to ASPA than giving them up for adoptions. We would like to remind him about the report produced by the EU Delegation after their visit to Romania in January 2014. In the report, Janusz Wojciechowski, MEP, states:

"As far as we know the whole procedure of catching, keeping and eutanising one dog is rewarded with 250 EUR. That results in a situation where people (authorities) are motivated to catch as many animals as possible and to hinder adoptions because adopted dogs make no profit...."

We are all aware that Bancescu is breaking the Romanian and European laws, hundreds of thousands of animal lovers around the world are behind the dogs and the local rescuers.
EU Delegates Visit to Romania, Jan 2014

EU Directive 2010/63/EU

- There is also Bancescu's interviews where he openly accuses rescuers:
This interview is translated to ENGLISH:

- Bancescu claims to treat dogs in the most gentle way, but this is what really happens, 14 dogs died due to their brutallity (watch till the end please)
- Dogs returned, some of the dogs of Vier photen &stolen by ASPA were left outside the shelter, why??
- While ASPA killed 14 dogs of Vier photen, they will again bother Vier Photen, ironicly to check on the dogs' health s

We ask you to take this matter very seriously, and hope Bancescu will be dismissed very soon.
With friendly regards,

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