Monday, April 21, 2014

Petitions and More, April 21  Please continue with the next actions!!  Shut down Beirut Slaughterhouse, still needs more attention!  CCTV in all Slaughterhouses, as well! Please confirm by clicking on the blue link in the mail!  50.000 needed! Adapt the German Animal Protection Law for more Animal Welfare!  Please confirm via link in the mail!  Secr. of the Interior Sally Jewell and staff: listen to the public and the science,  Save the Wolves! ZIP: 5 digits
Italy: Stop the Massacre of 500 Foxes in the province of Pisa!  Brasil, End the suffering of animals in rodeos and festivals in the State of Sao Paulo!
South Africa, Put pressure on Thrupps grocer to stop selling Cruel Foie Gras!   Intermarket, Stop Bottom trawling, stop scraping the bottom of the ocean to retrieve everything in it: corals, fish ... all the underwater life is destroyed! Next: you can also post your messages on Fb  Portugal, Investigate the case of the seven dogs in Salgados missing, found later in a disabled tank of WWTP Pera, Algarve, presumably poisoned and drowned! All animals had owners
                                                        ============   News, video’s, poll’s    ==============  Italy, the future of Canile Manduria’s Dogs are on the brink  Hero’s , Romania, use translate please  Have you hugged your chicken today?

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