Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Petitions and More, April 9

A UK charity, the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, has co-funded two disturbing experiments on Monkeys in Canada! Protest!  Send your protest mail please! Try: ; ; ,,,,   most others are wrong  Dog Meat Trade: contact the Pres. of the Philippines!  Snow Leopards: Victim's of cashmere fashion! Click:Je confirm, on top..And Postal code 5 digits. Confirm please in the mail!  More attention please: Romania, halt the Export of 500,000 milk-cows to China!  For an enquiry into the handling of the shooting of two horses on park land
Ban Rodeo’s!   Get rid of Bullfighting, the Plaza de Toros!  Protest, the situation of breeding cages for hens!   Russia,  we demand a ban on municipal contracts killing stray animals!   Save Wolves, Old-growth Forests and Our Climate!   Save Wildlife and their Habitats from Deforestation!
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