Sunday, April 20, 2014

Petitions and More, April 20   More signatures still needed! Please pass law that directs the DNR to implement the Wolf Management Plan, suspend the wolf hunting and trapping season and stop the indiscriminate methods used to kill wolves! International!  Air France, Stop Transporting Primates to Laboratories!  Urge Feds to Stop Funding Sick Animal Sex Experiments!  Ask Animal Planet to Take Cruel Hunter Jim West Off the Air!  Pledge. Thiago 'The Pitbull' Alves Speaks Out Against Dogfighting!   Help End the Annual Seal Slaughter!  Against Ag-Gag Legislation. Needs more signatures!   PepsiCo: Time to Take the Conflict Palm Oil Challenge!  Please support listing the Gray Wolf as “endangered” under the California Endangered Species Act!   Protect Marine Mammals from Navy Sonar and Weapons Testing in the Pacific Ocean! Non-US: State=none, ZIP=5 digits    Please sign & share all 16 petitions listed if not signed yet.. say NO to legalising rhino horn trade!   Prime Minister Rutte: deny the Russian Arctic Oil tanker access to the port of Rotterdam! Name, email, ‘ik teken’  55 Days to Victory – Tell Bachelet to Cancel HidroAys√©n!
Act against crimes committed by France in the production of foie gras!  Arizona: Vote No On Killing Mexican Gray Wolves!  More signatures fast! Stop the USFW from delisting wolves in the lower 48 states!  Save our hunting dogs galgos ( greyhounds), podencos, pointers, setters, etc.. in Spain! A request to change the Law, requires 500.000 signatures!  Abolish the bloody Faroe-Slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins!   Demand Ivory Market Countries Fund Anti-Poaching & Anti-Trafficking Field Work Across Africa to Save  Stop the Slaughter of Kenai Brown Bears!
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